Aggie Impact - Land & Environment

As the state’s land-grant institution and as a recognized international research leader, Utah State University is uniquely situated to address our land and environmental challenges. To fulfill our statewide mission to be one of the nation’s premier land-grant universities, we work in laboratories, research field stations, classrooms, and in face-to-face conversations with communities to identify and solve environmental problems facing our world.

Makenzie Holmes is Working to Improve Utah's Public Health

Makenzie Holmes, a registered nurse, is well aware of the damages poor air quality can wreak on public health. As an undergraduate research assistant at USU Uintah Basin, she worked to inform policy and regulation to improve emissions that can worsen Utah’s air quality during inversions.

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Iree Wheeler is Sustaining Utah’s National Parks

Iree Wheeler earned her Ph.D. at Utah State University in environment and society. As a student, she worked to improve visitor experience and management at national parks.

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Dr. Ben Burger is Forecasting Our Planet's Future

At Utah State University Uintah Basin, Dr. Ben Burger tests ancient rock samples from his discovery of a 250-million-year-old rock layer. His research results helps set safer climate parameters based on the dangerous levels that existed in the past.

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Dr. Ricardo Ramirez is Defending Utah's Crops

Utah State University’s Dr. Ricardo Ramirez leads students in research to create tools, like biopesticides, to help farmers combat destructive insects. Through knowing the pests’ lifecycle predictions, tools can be developed to help defend farmers’ crops.

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Hayden Coombs is Protecting the Nation's Water Supply

Civil engineering major Hayden Coombs worked on a team of engineers at Utah State University’s Water Research Lab to research and create a 1:50 scale model of the Oroville Dam spillway.

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Making Impact By the Numbers

50 research programs, centers, and facilities including ASPIRE and the Utah Water Research Lab
Recognized by Tree Campus USA since 2011
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Voted the Most Beautiful College in Utah
- The Most Beautiful College in Every State, “Travel + Leisure,” August 2019