Student Clubs

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Asian Student Association

The mission of the Asian Student Association is to preserve Asian culture, promote cross-cultural experiences, and create a supportive learning environment. ASA shares Asian culture through bi-weekly club meetings, events that create awareness, education outreach, and community projects. The Asian Student Association is open to the entire Utah State University campus and surrounding community.


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Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization established to promote a higher level of Black consciousness, advancement and mutual understanding among all cultures and people. BSU serves to provide information to its members and raise cultural awareness within the community at large. Every Spring, they host their annual Soul Food Dinner at Utah State University. Filled with reggae beats and smells of good, home-cooked food Friday evening, the night of the Black Student Union’s Soul Food Dinner brings students and community members from all over Cache Valley together. 


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Disabled and Neurodiverse Aggies

USU’s Disabled and Neurodiverse Aggies student club, or DNA, is an Inclusion Center sponsored club within the Women and Gender program. DNA strives to build awareness, promote self-advocacy, and combat ableism. They provide a safe atmosphere where students can feel welcome, valued, build a community, and have fun.


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Pasifika Student Union

The Pasifika Student Union of Utah State University is a student-driven organization dedicated to sharing the Pasifika culture with the USU campus and surrounding communities, bridging the gap between Pasifikas and higher education, and providing leadership for the Pasifika community.


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Queer Student Alliance

The Queer Student Alliance, often referred to as QSA, is USU's LGBTQIA+ club on campus. QSA strives to educate affiliates of USU, including students, faculty, and staff on issues surrounding gender and sexuality. QSA's purpose is to create a safe atmosphere where students and members of the community can feel safe, welcome, and loved for who they are. This network of support promotes equality for all and aims to make USU a more welcoming and inclusive campus for students and faculty and staff members.


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Women and Gender Issues Society

The Women and Gender Issues Society is the Women and Gender Program's student club at Utah State University. They are involved in women's rights and gender issues on the student level.