Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization established to promote a higher level of Black consciousness, advancement and mutual understanding among all cultures and people. BSU serves to provide information to its members and raise cultural awareness within the community at large. Every Spring, they host their annual Soul Food Dinner at Utah State University. Filled with reggae beats and smells of good, home-cooked food Friday evening, the night of the Black Student Union’s Soul Food Dinner brings students and community members from all over Cache Valley together. 

Position Officer
President Ta'Mariah Jenkins
Vice President Jasmine Kemp
Secretary Yanet Giuseppe Standi Mario
Treasurer Jaliyah Suggs
Social Media/Outreach Quincy Maés 
Athletics Delegate Marcus Jenkins

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events will be posted in August 2024

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    Meetings are on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month

    6:00pm in TSC 322E (MSS Lounge)

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Club Constitution


Section One

The official name of this organization shall be the “Black Student Union” (B.S.U.).

Section Two

The club shall operate as a non-profit organization.

Section Three

The club shall abide by the applicable rules and policies of Utah State University pertaining to the student organizations.

Article I - Mission of BSU

Black Student Union is an organization to promote the African American, Caribbean, and African culture and awareness at Utah State University and the surrounding community. Its purpose is to provide social and academic support and awareness for students with Associated Students of USU (USUSA), administrators, and educators at USU. BSU exists to promote the equal rights of black students as well as all minorities. We work to educate ourselves about all cultures, in turn, we seek to front ignorance with knowledge. BSU membership is extended to all individuals.

Article II - Budget

BSU will be provided with $1,125 each academic school year and must carefully utilize the budget in such a way that it supports events and activities for the fall and spring semester. In the event that any organization accrues a profit or deficit from a preceding year, that amount will be calculated into the annual funding base of $1,125.

Article III - Membership

  1. A BSU Club member is member of the community who agrees with the Mission Statement and attends at least half of all BSU meetings and functions.
  2. The executive council reserves the right to remove anyone if there is probable cause and reasons in which the persons actions are not in line with BSU’s mission and standards.
  3. General Membership is open to all Cache Valley communities and members without regard to race, creed, sex, national origin, handicap or religion.
  4. Recruitment of membership shall take place year round.

Article IV - Executive Officer Expectations

  1. Attend all executive club meetings and at least 90% of club events and activities meetings. Club officer must notify executive council 1 week prior to a missed absence unless it is an emergency. Preferably during an executive council meeting.
  2. Assist in planning and organizing of all BSU functions and meetings.
  3. Establish goals and objectives at the beginning of Fall Semester.
  4. Actively support other BSU officers’ club duties and responsibilities.
  5. Attend IC Officer Training at the beginning of Fall Semester.
  6. Participate in recruiting effort throughout the year.
  7. Contribute in outreach efforts when there are requests from the university and the community.
  8. Support IC programs and other IC club events whenever possible. BSU can help advertise, volunteer, and/or attend events to support unity among other IC clubs.
  9. Have at least one contribution to Soul Food.

Article V - Executive Club Officers Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Advisor & BSU Student Intern: BSU will have an advisor and intern, appointed by the Inclusion Center
    1. Director, whose responsibilities will be:
    2. To act as a resource person to BSU Club
    3. To assist BSU Club officers in seeking money for BSU activities/events
    4. To work with and advise BSU officers
    5. To advise the BSU President on administrative affairs pertaining to University policies
  2. President
    1. To act as official spokesperson for BSU
    2. To become P-Card trained at the beginning of Fall Semester in order to assist treasurer in purchasing items for club events and activities
    3. To work directly with BSU Advisor, Director of Inclusion Center, USUSA officials, and other administrative offices of USU
    4. To appoint committees as deemed necessary
    5. To assemble all BSU members
    6. To call and establish date of nominating future officers in the Spring Term
    7. To delegate authority and responsibility to other BSU officers as needed
    8. To call meetings as he/she deems necessary or as per request of other BSU officers and/or members.
    9. If the president/vice president cannot attend a club activity/event, they must delegate an officer to oversee the activity
  3. Vice President
    1. To fill in a Presidential vacancy in case of absence, resignation, illness, or death.
    2. To assist the President in all club decisions.
    3. To assist the President in his/her duties.
    4. If the president/vice president cannot attend a club activity/event, they must delegate an officer to oversee the activity.
    5. Assist the President and PR Officer in coordinating details for outreach requests from the university and community.
    6. To compose donation letters and requests on behalf of BSU to on campus organizations and community businesses.
  4. Secretary
    1. To take minutes and roll at each BSU executive meeting and upload it to BSU Box/Trello.
    2. To send out reminders to Executive Council and BSU club members whenever necessary.
    3. To collect roll at BSU club meetings and turn in a weekly copy to Access and Diversity Center.
    4. Maintain the email account for the club by corresponding back and forth with specific individuals as well as updating executive club members about emails being sent to the club.
    5. Maintain BSU Club list serve by adding and removing student email addresses.
    6. Fill out the required Post Event forms with the help of club officers during an executive meeting.
    7. Organize BSU club history of meetings, activities, accomplishments, and etc.
  5. Treasurer
    1. To become P-Card trained at the beginning of Fall Semester in order to purchase items for club events and activities.
    2. To balance the BSU Budget Work Book for the entire school year on BSU Box folder as well as keep a detailed record of receipts and other financial documents.
    3. To make available updated finance records upon the request of other BSU officers.
    4. To report BSU finances monthly to the President and Advisor.
    5. To collaborate and prepare all budget proposals for large events and activities with President, Vice President, and Advisor.
    6. To prepare an end of school year financial progress report in the Spring Term.
  6. Public Relations
    1. To work with the Statesman and other media in publication of articles, announcements, advertisement, editorial rebuttals, etc.
    2. To assist BSU officers and members in advertisement of functions.
    3. Maintain a list Black organizations that exist in Utah.
    4. Handle and maintain BSU social media accounts.
    5. Take pictures for club documentation.
    6. Organize BSU club history of meetings, activities, accomplishments, and etc.

Article VI - Establishment of Officers

  1. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, and Executive Officers shall be nominated by the previous executive council based on specific requirements and gaining majority vote. Elected officers will take office in the Fall.
  2. In the event that an executive office is vacant, the existing Executive Council will determine if it is necessary that the position(s) be filled. Once it has been decided by the Council, the Council will then nominate and vote on the nominee(s). Further, in the event that an Executive Council does not exist, the Inclusion Center will appoint the President. The President will then follow the same procedure to fill the executive offices that are vacant.

Article VII - BSU Meeting Procedures

  1. Executive and BSU Club meetings will be held weekly unless there is a holiday or event(s) scheduled night or week of.
  2. Executive BSU meetings will follow a formal procedure where in the BSU President and Secretary form an agenda to discuss business items and event opportunities with the executive council.
  3. Anyone is welcome to attend BSU club meetings.
  4. Greet any first time visitors at club meetings.

Article VIII - Nominating Officers

  1. General Eligibility Rules:
    1. A person must identify with Article III, Section I and understand and support the promotion of Black culture and must also have been a member for two consecutive semesters of the present academic year, and be a student of USU to run for and hold the office of President or Vice President.
    2. If a student has no prior experience in leadership positions they are still eligible to be a part of executive council. In order to be nominated, a person must express interest, show leadership potential, advocate for BSU, and actively participate in club meetings.
    3. In order to be eligible for the positions, individuals must maintain at least 12 credit hours and earn a 2.5 GPA per semester.
  2. Nominations:
    1. Nominations will take place during a BSU executive meeting.
    2. Any BSU executive officer, may nominate himself/herself or another BSU club member. Another officer must second the nomination in order for the name to be added to the list of nominations.
    3. Nominated, eligible candidates for office must accept the nomination and express their interest to the executive council.
    4. The nominating of names must take place at an executive council meeting one week prior to elections.
    5. Any person cannot hold the same executive position for 2 consecutive years.
  3. Nominating Candidate Procedures:
    1. Only individuals who have been nominated will have their names on the ballot.
    2. All nominated individuals must be present at the executive council meeting the day and time of the election takes place.
    3. For contest with more than one candidate:
      1. The candidate earning the greatest number of votes is elected.
      2. In the case of a tie, the top two vote-getters shall participate in run-off elections until a candidate is elected.
    4. For a contest with only one candidate, the individual who has been nominated will automatically be elected.
  4. Voting Procedures:
    1. The election will take place on the date(s) which are to be set by the executive council.
    2. The BSU Secretary and Advisor will have the list of nominees.
    3. Current executive council will be given one ballot and may only vote once.
    4. After the one vote, the ballot is final.
  5. Election Results:
    1. All election results will be formally prepared and submitted to the Secretary and Advisor.
    2. Nominees will be notified of the election results.
    3. Results will be publicly posted at the end of Spring Semester.
  6. Unfilled officer positions:
    1. In an event that not all positions are filled by the following year, the new executive council will need to decide if they will keep their titles or if they would like to be renamed as co-club leaders until the positions have been filled.
    2. The advisor and student intern will step in by helping foster an environment of learning. Advisor and intern will closely mentor student leaders until the new leaders feel confident in running BSU club independently.

Article IX - Impeachment and Resignation of Officers

  1. Resignation:
    1. An officer has the opportunity to resign at any given time for any reason.
    2. The officer must submit a 2 week notice.
    3. After the resignation has been submitted, it is final.
    4. The former officer shall not be excluded from full membership of BSU after his/her resignation from office.
  2. Impeachment:
    1. If an officer does not fulfill his/her duties as outlined by this constitution, or if the membership is extremely dissatisfied with an officer, the concerns will first try to be addressed with this individuals at an executive meeting.
    2. If the concern(s) are not resolved within the meeting, the executive council will talk to the advisor.
    3. If needed and according to the severity of the issue, there may be a probationary period assigned by the advisor and council.

Article X - Reviewing and Amending the Constitution

  1. Review of the Constitution:
    1. Current Executive Council must read and review the constitution at the end of Spring Term
    2. The new Executive Council must read and review the constitution at the beginning of Fall term to familiarize themselves with the mission of the Club as well as understand their personal roles as club officers.
  2. Amendments to this Constitution must be:
    1. Submitted to the President or discussed at an executive meeting.
    2. Passed by a two-thirds majority of officers and ratified by the majority of the council members present at the time of voting.