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The Native American Student Scholarship was created to further USU’s mission of educational excellence, access, and inclusion. The Native American Student Scholarship is a “last dollar” scholarship, meaning that it is applied to your remaining tuition and student body fees after all other aid is applied to your account. Visit our Financial Aid website for more details. 

The Native American Student Council (NASC) is an organization that represents Native American Students at Utah State University. NASC creates a community on campus for Native American Students and an inclusive environment for Non-Native students to experience authentic Native culture and norms.

We provide events and activities to celebrate the beauty found within Native American cultures. NASC provides Native American and non-Native American students with elements of peer support, leadership development, and various cultural experiences enhancing appreciation of the Native peoples’ of North America.

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    The club meets every other Thursday

    6:00 pm, TSC 314

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Club Constitution

Article I - Purpose of NASC

  • Promoting the Native American culture and providing social and educational activities for Native American students, USU students, and interested citizens of Cache Valley.
  • Provide a supportive group for Native American students, USU students, and interested citizens of Cache Valley.
  • Engaging members of the USU campus and the community through outreach, including but not limited to, educational presentations on current and past issues concerning Native American Indian cultures.
  • To unify with other USU clubs and support university organizations, Cache Valley community organizations, and national organizations.

Article II - President's Duties

The President will act as the official representative for the NASC. This includes working with the Access and Diversity Center, presiding at all NASC meetings, and delegating responsibility and authority to clubs officers and members during the meetings and activities.

Example of Duties

  • Schools will contact you to do cultural presentations. You may elect to say yes or no, or present it before your officers and club members to see if anyone can or wants to go.
  • Locate Head Staff for Pow Wow. You will contact them. It is recommended that you present the information about the Potential Head Staff to the Club Officers before giving a solid yes or no.
  • Conduct all NASC meetings, both officer and club meetings. It is recommended that you make an agenda to remember dates of activities and events.
  • Be a peacekeeper when necessary.
  • Checking out the P-Card and purchasing items for club activities (You may delegate this out to other P-Card trained officers).
  • Seeking out Donations for Pow Wow through College Departments and Local Businesses. (Although this is mainly your responsibility you may seek help or aid from your other officers, especially the VP. It is also recommended that you take an officer with you).
  • Make sure all officers and interested Members have a valid Food Handlers Certificate (Very handy because they are valid for at least two years and you will need them at Pow Wow/Frybread Sales).
  • Be able to lead cultural presentations and keep the audience engaged.

Article III - Vice President's Duties

The Vice President’s main duty is to assist the President in all club meetings, activities, and duties. Should the President become absent (in case of resignation, removal, or illness), the Vice President will become acting-President and assume the responsibility of the President.

Example of Duties

  • All duties of the President.
  • You will be essential when it comes to asking for funds for Pow Wow with the College Departments. The President cannot distribute them on all their own, it is too time consuming.
  • Obtaining Food Permits from the Bear River Health Department.

Article IV - Secretary's Duties

The Secretary will maintain a roll and minutes at all NASC meetings. Keep an official record of NASC notes, activities, and agenda for the school year. Have a list of current membership and maintain the NASC email.

Example of Duties

  • As far as the notes, you only need to take these at Officer Meetings. Those notes don’t need to be very detailed, just make sure the basic topics are written down as well as any decisions made.
  • Email NASC Members about activities, preferably a week in advance.
  • Have updated contact information for all Officers.

Article V - Treasurer's Duties

The Treasurer will record all income and expenses for NASC, and be responsible for writing petty cash memos. At the end of each month they will submit a financial report to the club.

Example of Duties

  • Count Money after Frybread Sales, fundraisers, and after Pow Wow (Have VP or President check it).
  • Deposit Money into NASC Account.
  • Fill out the Petty cash memos for Frybread Sales (must be done a week in advance).
  • Check NASC Account bi-weekly or after Frybread Sales or other fundraisers.
  • Know approximately how much is in the account at all times to be able to adequately advise on Club Activities (Whether or not they can afford the activity).

Article VI - Activities Coordinator's Duties

The Activities Coordinator will plan and schedule social activities and educational events throughout the semester. They will maintain an attendance roll at every scheduled activity. They will work with the Public Relations officer to update the website and Facebook page. A separate email will be used for this position to notify active members for upcoming activity.

Example of Duties

  • Plan small get-to-know you activities for each club meeting. Understandably, you can’t do one ever single week, but try to have one each week.
  • At least monthly have a major activity.
  • Past activities: Laser-tag, Visiting the Bear River Massacre Site, Lava Hot Springs trip, Bowling, Hikes, Camping, Bonfires, Bear Lake trips, Adopt an Elder, Movie Nights, Going to see a Movie in Theaters, Going out to Eat, Corn Mazes, Water Balloon fights, Lagoon, Beading Activity, Dreamcatcher Making, Going to other Pow Wows, White Elephant gift exchange, Dinners or Potlachs for people who stay in Logan for the Holidays, Bingo, Rez Life, Halo Tournament, and whatever you can think of, do it! You plan it and it will happen.
  • You will lead your activities.
  • Don’t be afraid to find out what Club Members like and plan an activity around that.
  • You can check out a projector in Access and Diversity Center’s Office.
  • Most places offer Group Discounts, it is your job to find out what they are.

Article VII - Public Relations Officer's Duties

The Public Relations officer will manage all websites relating to NASC, the NASC Facebook page, work with the USU Statesman and other media, work with the NASC program coordinator on advertising of events or articles, write press releases, and create a publicity committee with approval of officers.

Example of Duties

  • Update NASC Facebook page with upcoming Activities.
  • Deliver Press Releases to the USU Statesman. (These Press Releases should be approved by the President or the Club Advisor).
  • Schedule Radio Interviews for the President about Pow Wow.
  • Always strive to improve the Image of NASC.
  • Create Pow Wow Poster (You can seek help from other Club Officers or Club Members).
  • Distribute Pow Wow Posters. (You can coordinate with the Activities Coordinator and make it a club activity to place them on campus but also out in the community).
  • Get permission before posting a Pow Wow poster in a Local Business.

Article VIII - Historian

Record the history of the club throughout the school year. Collect minutes, past constitutions, pictures, expense reports, rolls (Camera SD Cards) and any other important documents from NASC. Also, research information from past administration whenever needed.

Example of Duties

  • Organize the boxes of Past Club Pictures and make them neat and presentable.
  • Take Pictures at NASC Activities.
  • Make a Photo Album.
  • When a question comes up about past activities or something the past administration did, it is your job to try and contact those people.


  • You will need to rely on Each Other in order to get things done. Communicate!!! Make sure you have each officers Contact information.
  • All of you Must collectively Plan Pow Wow and Frybread Sales.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out into the dark a little. Every Past Officer has had to do the same.
  • All of you come from different backgrounds, embrace the similarities and respect the differences.
  • Lastly, Remember that each one of you possess the talents and abilities to make NASC something much more than just a club.