Response Protocols

Logan Campus

Response Protocol

Follow the table to determine who to contact when faced with a distressed or disruptive student.

The student is clearly and imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening, including self-harm behavior.

Call 911 or USU Police at 435-797-1939.

Student discloses to me information concerning sexual misconduct (i.e., sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, sex-based stalking).

It is mandatory that all USU reporting employees report any disclosures of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Go to and click “File a Report.”

The student shows signs of distress, but I’m unsure how serious it is. My interaction has left me feeling uneasy or concerned about the student.

File a report with the Behavioral Intervention/CARE Team at or call 435-797-3137.

I'm not concerned for the student's immediate safety, but he or she is having significant academic and/or personal issues and could use support or additional resources.

Directly refer students to an appropriate campus resource or feel free to consult with the Student Affairs Case Manager at 435-797-3137.