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Study Support
Mathematics and statistic topics can be daunting for students. Our goal is to help students succeed in mathematics, statistics, and all academic endeavors. Many of the study tips provided can be implemented into other areas of learning and study.

Academic Support

Five Tips to Help Study Better
  1. Plan. Have a plan that allows for adequate study time. If it doesn't get planned, it probably doesn't happen.
  2. Start Early. Don't wait until the last second to start on an assignment. Anything new takes time to learn, so start early.
  3. Regular Schedule. Spread studies out at regular intervals throughout the week. Trying to do too much all at once can be overwhelming and frustrating. 
  4. Learning Environment. Sit upright in a comfortable chair in a location that minimizes distractions.
  5. Practice | Repetition. Do multiple versions of the problems you are working on and rework problems shown in lecture. Repetition leads to subject mastery.

Additional Handouts

The following are additional handouts focused on acheiving success in mathematics and statistics:

USU Resources

USU is dedicated to helping students succeed. The following are links to additional resources: