Online Peer Review

To help ensure a department’s high standard of instruction is maintained, we encourage a department representative to peer review & observe online courses, the instructor, and curriculum. For each completed course evaluation1, USU Online will transfer $100 to the department2.

Reviews can be completed using the "Course Evaluation" tool, built into Canvas. The tool has been developed to follow USU's Online Course Quality Rubric. A thorough review should take approximately 1 - 2 hours to complete.


  1. The department submits a course peer review request (include: reviewer’s name, index# for transfer, instructor’s name, & course number).
  2. The Course Evaluation Tool is added to the course.
  3. The Reviewer is given access to the course and sent the instructions to complete the review.
    • Select Course Evaluation (open in a new window)
    • Select Start New Evaluation
    • Select USU Course Rubric Evaluation > Peer Review 
  4. The reviewer completes the “USU Course Rubric Evaluation” 
    • When the review is complete, select Download and Download As PDF.
  5. Reviewer sends the PDF to  The department may also use the evaluation for internal discussion, provide the complete review to the instructor, and/or refer the instructor to CIDI for course improvements.
  6. Funds are transferred from USU Online to the index# provided by the department.


For additional questions concerning the Online Course Reviews, please contact:

Kevin Shanley
Director of USU Online

Practicums, Internships, Directed Readings, Independent Study, Research, Thesis, Special Topics, and other courses with individualized instruction, one-time offerings, or minimal online content are not eligible for course review funding.

Departments will be compensated once annually for each instructor/course combination. For example: Jane Doe, who teaches multiple sections of SOC 1010 each semester, qualifies for one course review transfer per year.