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Policy 201: Authority and Amendments: Personnel Policies (Section 300)

Section: Authority and Amendments
Policy Number: 201
Subject: Authority and Amendments: Personnel Policies (Section 300)
Covered Employees: University Employees
Effective Date: January 24, 1997
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1.1 Authority of the Personnel Policies Manual (Section 300)

These policies are subordinate to the Board of Regents' (hereafter Regents') Code of Policies and Procedures, and the authority of the Board of Trustees and the President. They supersede all previous University policies and procedures affecting faculty and staff of the University, and take precedence over executive memoranda and other policy directives affecting the provisions of this document. If executive memoranda or policy directives are issued which conflict with the existing policies, the memoranda or policy directives will take precedence until action is taken to reconcile them and this Policy Manual.

1.2 Violation of Policies

Any faculty or staff employee or any group of faculty or staff employees shall have the right to grieve any alleged violation of the policies. A faculty or staff employee may be sanctioned for violations of these policies as provided herein.


2.1 Proposal Process

Proposals for amendments to this section may only be made by faculty and staff employees who are currently employed by the University.

Proposals for amendments to the policies by individual faculty or staff employees, a group of faculty or staff, or an established University unit, shall be submitted in writing to the Director of the Office of Human Resources who will coordinate the disposition of the proposal.

The Director of the Office of Human Resources will submit the proposed amendment to the presidents of the Faculty Senate, Professional Employees Association, and Classified Employees Association, as appropriate for the subject matter of the proposal. The proposal will be reviewed by these representative groups and recommendations will be made on the proposal. Response on the recommendations will be made to the Director of the Office of Human Resources, who will coordinate the recommendations back to the University President.

2.2 Ratification by the President

Within 30 calendar days of receipt of the proposed amendment, the President will forward the proposed amendment to the Executive Committee with a recommendation for its approval, with no recommendation, or remand the proposed amendment back to the Director of the Office of Human Resources for further review and coordination.

2.3 Ratification by the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will consider the proposed amendment and approval, denial, or remand it back to the President for further review. If ratified, the proposal is forwarded to the University Board of Trustees.

2.4 Ratification by the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees will approve or disapprove the proposed amendment and remand it to the President for implementation.