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Policy 506: Uniform Wiring for Voice/Data

Section: Operating Policies
Sub-Section: General
Policy Number: 506
Subject: Uniform Wiring for Voice/Data
Origin Date: October 27, 1997
Effective Date: October 27, 1997
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506.1 POLICY

All new construction, remodeling, and extensions to the Campus telecommunications/data communications infrastructure will comply with the Uniform Wiring specifications adopted when the Intecom Telephone System was installed, subject to revision based upon technological advances. Maintenance of the data communications component will be the sole responsibility of the Office of Telecommunications and Telephone Services.


The Uniform Wiring infrastructure consists of all cabling, wiring, electronics, UPS systems and switching equipment originating at the BDF (Building Distribution Frame) services and terminating at the wall plate in individual rooms/offices. In the case of voice communications, the telephone device is included.


Campus Planning and Engineering will ensure that all new voice/data wiring installations comply with the Uniform Wiring specifications. Computer Services/Telecommunications will install all necessary electronics (bridges, routers, switches, hubs, UPS systems, etc.) for these communications at the expense of the project and/or department. Maintenance and replacement of all installed communications infrastructure will be the sole responsibility of Computer Services/Telecommunications respectively with funding provided via telephone service charges and data communications surcharges. User departments are not authorized to make modifications/repairs to this system.