Timeline of University Actions

Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

Spring 2016

Sexual Harassment Policy 339 revised.

Summer 2016

Salt Lake Tribune breaks story about Torrey Green, exposing gaps in sexual misconduct prevention and response efforts at USU.

USU releases recommendations from an internal inquiry into how USU handled information provided about Torrey Green crimes.

Fall 2016

President Albrecht creates new Sexual Violence Task Force and working groups (including Implementation and Coordinating Committee) with then Provost Noelle Cockett as chair.

USU begins using Maxient software system to more effectively track reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination across all campuses.

Noelle Cockett named university president and continues leadership of Sexual Violence Task Force.photo of President Noelle Cockett

Policy and procedures on confidential and anonymous reporting by students adopted in Student Code.

student code snip

USU launches campaign defining sexual consent, "Consent Is."

DOJ Office of Violence Against Women (VAWA) awards USU grant to create community-wide response to sexual violence.

Spring 2017

USU receives notice on Jan. 12, 2017, from the Department of Justice that it was initiating an investigation into the university's responses to reports of student-on-student and employee-on-student sexual harassment, including sexual assault, between 2013 and 2017.

USU conducts first sexual misconduct survey for students.

OVERVIEW OF THE CAMPUS CLIMATE. In line with prior surveys of freshmen and soohomores, and the annual graduating students survey, the majority of those responding to the survey (93 percent) agreed or strongly agreed that they generally felt safe on the campus. Data chart.

Prevention, Education and Training Working Group recommends prevention strategy to Task Force: included mandatory online prevention for all freshman, the Upstanding bystander intervention program, and hiring a prevention specialist to coordinate both these efforts.

USU releases new website to co-locate sexual assault resources in one online landing page: usu.edu/sexual-respect

usu.edu/sexual-respect landing page.

4,000+ USU community members sign the “I Will” pledge campaign to stop sexual assault.

IU will not tolerate jokes, attitudes or any behavior that perpetuates sexual assault. iwill.usu.edu
Summer 2017

USU releases details of 2016 internal inquiry.

Fall 2017

USU implements a “hard mandate” for all new students to take an online sexual assault prevention course before the end of their first semester.

Sexual Assault Prevention course landing page
Spring 2018

USU hires outside firm to investigate music department allegations – releases recommendations.

Music Department Investigation news article

USU overhauls Title IX oversight.

USU launches first Start by Believing campaign to address bias issues that affect survivor disclosures.

End the silence. Stop the cycle of violence. Start by believing. Pledge to start by believing on April 4, 2018 #startbybelieving at #usuaggies startbybelieving.usu.edu. Utah State University
Summer 2018

USU invests $100,000-plus to add more than 50 new video cameras across campus, including a camera at the bottom of Old Main hill.

a security camera affixed to a street lamp on Old Main

USU begins overhaul of fraternity and sorority life system to improve student safety and accountability; USU commits to training all fraternities and sororities in bystander intervention and consent on an annual basis.

USU creates Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Advisory Committee comprised of community members, alumni, and experts in the field.

SAAVI moves under Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology and two new positions (outreach coordinator and therapist) funded and staffed.

Felicia Marie Gallegos, outreach and prevention coordinator. Gabriela Palomino, therapist.

USU hires new fraternity and sorority life coordinator, Paige Eidenschenk, to facilitate changes in how chapters are recognized by USU, including monitoring safety issues and mentoring fraternity and sorority life leadership.

Paige Eidenschenk, fraternity and sorority life coordinator.
Fall 2018

USU hires new prevention specialist staff, Emmalee Fishburn, position in Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity office to coordinate campus-wide sexual misconduct prevention efforts targeting students and employees.

Emmalee Fishburn, new prevention specialist staff.

University trains 3640 in Upstanding.

USU hires new director of the Office of Equity.

Alison A. Adams-Perlac, new director of the Office of Equity.

University revises in-person employee sexual harassment prevention and responsible employee trainings and rolled out in-person trainings at statewide campuses.

Community engagement working group convened to discuss opportunities to address sexual violence by working with local faith leaders.

Spring 2019

USU launches Upstanding social norms campaign.

l noticed this guy was flirting with a girl who seemed uncomfortable, so I checked in to see if she was OK. The situation just didn't feel right. 83 % of USU students would support others who confront harmful or problematic behavior. Aggies Stand Up based on the 2017 USU sexual misconduct survey. Learn how at upstander.usu.edu.

SAAVI releases healthy online dating social media campaign.

Tips for navigating online dating: sexual assault is a crime and is never the fault of a survivor. To learn more go to: safedating.usu.edu. #1: Get consent!  This includes messaging, exchanging photos, meeting up, or engaging in sexual activity. #2: You are never owed sexual favors or photos just because you matched or paid for a date. #3: Meet in a public space, and drive yourself. #4: Let friends know where you are going and how long you intend to be gone. #5: Trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Utah State University sexual assault and anti-violence information.

USU implements second sexual misconduct survey for students.

Be heard. Take the sexual misconduct survey. survey.usu.edu, April 1-22. All survey participants have a chance to win Amazon gift cards. Utah State University.

SAAVI organizes second Start by Believing campaign.

End the silence. Stop the cycle of violence. Start by believing. Pledge to start by believing on April 3, 2019 #startbybelieving at #usuaggies startbybelieving.usu.edu. Utah State University
Summer 2019

Office of Equity hires supportive measures specialist, Brittani Naegle, to coordinate accommodations for students.

Brittani Naegle, supportive measures specialist.

USU's AAEO office updates its name to "Office of Equity" to better communicate its role on campus. The Office of Equity oversees Title IX compliance for all USU campuses.

Fall 2019

USU releases results of second sexual misconduct survey.

Results of USU's second sexual misconduct survey.

USU launches "I Ask" campaign to start conversations about consensual and respectful relationships.

Office of Equity hires third investigator, Michael Barrett, to coordinate responses and work with students on statewide campuses.

Michael Barrett, USU's third Office of Equity investigator.

Since Fall 2017:

  • 22396 students complete the online module "Sexual Assault Prevention."
  • 10439 complete the Upstanding bystander intervention program.
  • 3165 receive in-person education specific to healthy relationships and consent.
Prevention Trainings Infographic: 10,439 complete the Upstanding bystander intervention program. 22,396 students complete the online module Sexual Assault Prevention. 3,165 receive in-person education specific to healthy relationships and consent.