Business Services FAQs

Business Services FAQ

At a minimum cardholder signature and index # for full detail, please review the receipt scanning instructions.

In most cases, vendors should accept the tax exempt number printed on the front of every P-card. In some cases, vendors require further information. Contact your Finance Specialist if another form is required for your purchase.

Dollar Tree Exemption: (Use this number when purchasing at Dollar Tree stores) 4563394458

If the student is also an employee of the University these gifts may be taxable income to the student.

If the student is not an employee of the University in any department and has not received any compensation for their services, then you can simply purchase the items. You will then need to include documentation stating the reason for the purchase and to whom the gift(s) were given.

If the intern is compensated (pay or stipend) or as an employee of the University in any form, the gift would then fall under USU's Employee Gifts and Awards Policy. This policy states that any gift that meets any one of the requirements listed in the policy is considered taxable and requires reporting.

In the season of giving!  Business Services would like to remind you, University funds are not to be used for donations, generally.  As the holiday season approaches, you are encouraged to pass the hat to support efforts like Sub-for-Santa or Stuff-A-Bus. 

Student Organization Fundraising is defined as any event where the student organization intends to raise additional funds through solicitation (funds and/or items), charging admission to a fundraising event, or selling products or services.  This includes fundraisers that may benefit the student organization, other charitable groups or an individual. Only student organizations that have been pre-approved by completing the "Application to Raise Funds" at least ten business days prior to the day of the fundraiser will be allowed to fundraise.

Complete the Pre-authorization form using this QR Code:

Event Pre-Auth

You are required to complete a TA through ServiceNow any time you travel outside of the Logan area or participate in a high risk event within the area. 

Fill it out with your best guess, the TA is for estimates of all foreseeable costs.

Travel Authorizations need to be prepared and then approved by several people.  Even if it sits for only 1 day in each approval queue, it can take up to 10 days.  Travel needs to be approved before you leave on your trip.

To facilitate timely reporting and/or reimbursement to a traveler, your TR is to be submitted within 5 days of your return. Once all the information is received, it is entered into the purchasing system via Workflow and has to go through approval ques for the department spending the money, which may take up to 24 hours.  It then feeds to Accounts Payable to generate a check; checks are cut nightly and mailed the next day or sent through direct deposit routing.  If several travelers go to the same conference or event, ALL the TAs have to be submitted with corresponding documentation before ANY of the TRs can be processed, whether there is a reimbursement or not.

As a general rule, reimburements are processed within 3 business days after they are received in the Accounts Payable office.

Instructions for setting up proxies for approvals for Aggietime, EPAFs, JVs, ServiceNow, and EZ Buy can be found in this document.