Create a Course Orientation

Create a Start Here page

To introduce your students to your course create a "Start Here" page. This is an opportunity to outline the course organization and how Canvas will be used, provide students with some background information on the course, and point them to resources that will be helpful for the successful completion of your online course. It is generally used as a way for faculty to show their passion for the subject area. It can help students feel confident in beginning their journey of learning.

Design Tools

Follow the steps below to create and edit your "Start Here" page.


Create the page

If you used the Design Tools to create a Home Page and kept the "Start Here" link, you can simply click on the link and the page will be created for you.

If you did not create a home page, you can click on the "Pages" link in the left-hand course navigation menu and then click on the "+ Page" button to create a new page. Name the new page "Start Here" and save the blank page.


Edit the Page

If you don't see the text editor, click on the "Edit" button.

edit button


Launch the Design Tools

Click on the blue spaceship icon, located in the top-right of your browser window.

launch design tools icon


Copy Existing Content

Click on the Create/Edit Content drop-down

create / edit content button highlighted in design tools

Then, the Copy Existing Content drop-down

copy existing content button highlighted

Next, choose "Start Here" from the "Institution Templates Pages" drop-down menu.

start here institution template dropdown option

The content area of your page will automatically fill with the template contents.

start here template preview


Update Information

You will probably want to update the following:

  1. In the banner, replace "the Course" with your course name.

    Under the "Create/Edit Content" section on the Design Tools, click on "Customize Banner Text" and update the "Content Title" field.

    content title field highlighted under customize banner text dropdown

  2. Update the text of the letter by selecting the existing text and typing your letter in its place.
  3. Replace the silhouette with your own picture.

    Click on the silhouette, then click on the "More External Tools" link in the editing toolbar. (It looks like a blue "V.")

    more external tools button highlighted in edit toolbar

    Choose, "Upload/Embed Image" from the "More External Tools."

    upload / embed image option highlighted

    Follow the on-screen prompts to choose an image from your computer, crop, select an appropriate size, and upload and embed the image.

    The image will appear on your screen. Click on the new image, then click on the "Align Right" button in the formatting bar.

    right align in edit tool bar

    If you would like a frame on your picture, click on the "Jump to Image" icon in the Design Tools.

    arrow pointing at jump to image icon

    Pick your desired frame or other options

    image size / position / style panel options

  4. Edit your contact information
  5. Add textbook information

Save Your Changes

Last, but certainly not least important, click on the "Save" button (if you need to make additional revisions later) or the "Save & Publish" button (if you are finished making changes).