Online Teaching Orientation

Online courses are taught asynchronously with all content hosted and delivered in Canvas. For the latest information on the course development processes and policies, see the following page from the USU Online site.

Online Teacher Training and Digital Badge

Whether you are a new or experienced instructor, teaching online demands additional knowledge and skills not required in traditional courses. The training modules below are designed to help you develop and begin teaching online or improve your current online courses.

By the end of the modules, you will be able to:

  • Explain the basic requirements and structure of online courses.
  • Summarize research based rules and tips for development and delivery of online courses that improve the student experience.

Each module will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete and contains a series of pages with information related to the module topic.

For a full list of upcoming CIDI workshops about teaching online, plus other topics, see the CIDI Workshop Calendar.

If you would like to earn a digital badge, you must self-enroll in the Canvas course by clicking the button below.

Self-enroll in the online teacher training course

Module 1: Planning a Course

Factors to consider as you initially plan your course. This content will help you map out your course content, activities, and assessments.

Module 2: Developing a Course

Now focus on building your course content within Canvas. Once your course is developed, you are ready for students.

Module 3: Teaching a Course

Ensure the course runs smoothly from start to finish.

Module 4: After the Course

Learn reflective practices to help you improve your instruction.