Submit Course Materials / Textbook

Textbook Ordering

Federal legislation requires all course expenses, including textbooks, be published before students can register. Instructors must submit textbook information for their courses every semester. You will be reminded with an email when the book orders are due. Courses are made available to students after a textbook and materials order has been submitted and processed.

If you are using a textbook, you will need to submit your textbook order through external link icon (If you are not using a textbook, you will still need to go to the website and indicate that no textbook will be required.) A textbook order must be placed prior to making your course available to students for registration.

Open Education Resources (OER)

Use of Open Educational Resources is a way to make education more affordable for students. You may work with a USU Librarian to review and select OER options for your course. If you'd like, you can begin with a search of some recommended OER Repositories at external link icon

Sharing Course Materials with Statewide Campuses

The online Materials & Testing system (MATS) external link icon  has been designed to distribute course material as well as exam passwords to proctors and testing centers around the state of Utah and beyond in a secure environment.

If your course requires specific materials to be available at Statewide campuses (e.g. maps, lab kits, equipment), list the materials in Alliance course materials. This will alert all USU campus coordinators of necessary materials.