Grading and Syncing with iClicker Cloud

In order to enable grading and syncing with iClicker Cloud, you'll need to follow the instructions below.

Grading Set-up Inside iClicker Cloud


Navigate to your iClicker Cloud course

  1. Click the Launch iClicker Cloud link
  2. Log into the iClicker Instructor website External Link Icon and clicking on the course name

Click on Settings


Click the Integrations tab


Click the Connect to Canvas button

(You will need to authenticate by logging into Canvas the first time.)


Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Canvas course to your iClicker Cloud course 

You will then have the option to sync the roster immediately. Or, you can do it later by going to the iClicker Cloud roster page by clicking on People, then Students.

The Canvas course information will appear in the Integrations tab along with the Grade Sync Settings


Select the desired session scores to sync to Canvas then Save to complete the setup

  1. A total, combined score in a single colum: selected polls and quizzes will be combined into a single score for each student synced in the Canvas gradebook to an assignment called either “iClicker Grade” (or something else you designate).
  2. Individual activity scores in separate columns: selected polls and quizzes will be synced to Canvas as separate assignments. The assignment names will be from the iClicker Cloud session name.

Sync Grades


Navigate to the Gradebook tab

arrow pointing at gradebook tab


Click Sync Grades

arrow pointing at Sync Grades button


Select the activities that you would like to sync and click Sync

Note: A grade sync with iClicker Cloud will override any grades that have been manually input through Canvas.

Arrows pointing at activities checkboxes and Sync button