Student Engagement

Students learn better when they're paying attention, so choose instructional strategies that reduce cognitive load and make it easier for students to participate and pay attention. Consider the first principles of instruction:

  • Center instruction on real-world tasks and/or problems
  • Provide structure for organizing new knowledge by directing students to recall prior knowledge
  • Demonstrate new knowledge in context of real world problems
  • Direct students to practice applying the new knowledge and provide feedback
  • Encourage students to integrate their new knowledge into their life


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Engagement Strategies

Different classroom sizes and desired levels of student interaction may require the use of distinct engagement strategies. To cater to such needs, there are several techniques that you can apply to your classroom. These techniques include engagement strategies for individual students, pairing off students, creating groups of students, or involving the entire class. The key is to choose a strategy that best aligns with your desired level of interaction and the size of your classroom.