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Hidden Gems Out and About Family Adventure Guides Launched

By Julene Reese |

Utah State University Extension recently launched the “Hidden Gems” Family Fun Out and About Adventure Guides, created to help strengthen family connections and support positive youth development while helping families have fun exploring the world around them.

According to Naomi Brower, USU Extension professor and project lead, playing as a family is not just fun but it is also an investment in your child’s development and in strengthening family relationships.

“Research has shown that children who spend time with their families have fewer behavioral problems, fewer substance abuse and delinquency issues and better academic outcomes,” she said. “Families that spend time together also report feeling happier and more fulfilled.”

Brower said the “Hidden Gems” team has worked to include activities in each guide that appeal to a variety of ages and work for different family dynamics, including grandparents and grandchildren. Topics for the Out and About Adventure Guides include Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt, Escape to Nowhere, Silver Lake, SLC and Ogden Botanical Gardens. In addition are topics for road trips – Park Scavenger Hunt, Crazy Questions and Twisted Alphabet.

“We would love to get these new guides into homes this summer,” she said. “Enjoying the fun activities together would be a great way to bring families closer after experiencing such a stressful year.”

In addition to the Family Fun Out and About Adventure Guides are the Family Fun at Home Adventure Guides and Date Your Mate Adventure Guides. All are available for free download at


Julene Reese
Public Relations Specialist


Naomi Brower
Associate Professor
USU Extension

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