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Jabil Baja Plant 3 Awarded Shingo Silver Medallion for Operational Excellence

Jabil Tijuana B3's culture includes the RRR: Respect, Recognize, and Reward Program. This program recognizes the people who live the Jabil values of integrity, ingenuity, and inspiration through extraordinary contributions in their work. Jabil Tijuana P3 is a Shingo Silver Medallion recipient.

The Shingo Institute, a program in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, proudly announces that Jabil Baja Plant 3, a leading manufacturing facility based in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, has been honored with the internationally renowned Shingo Silver Medallion for its commitment to operational excellence. The Shingo Institute recognizes Jabil Baja Plant 3's dedication to continuous improvement and exemplary operational practices.

"Receipts of the Shingo Silver Medallion signifies not only an organization's mastery of tools and techniques but also that it has developed mature systems for improving its operations," said Ken Snyder, executive director at the Shingo Institute.

As part of the globally recognized Jabil corporation, Jabil Baja Plant 3 is emblematic of the company's vision to become the world's most technologically advanced and trusted manufacturing solutions provider. With over 140,000 employees across over 100 facilities in 25+ countries, Jabil leverages nearly 60 years of experience to offer customers access to cutting-edge design and engineering expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, and sophisticated supply chain solutions.

Jabil Baja Plant 3, covering an expansive area of 844,000 square feet and comprising four plants, including three dedicated to manufacturing and one serving as a distribution center, is a testament to Jabil's commitment to innovation and excellence. The site specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of healthcare products, from surgical tools to glucose monitoring devices, catering to a broad spectrum of medical needs. Leveraging the expertise of over 140,000 professionals across more than 100 strategic sites worldwide, Jabil provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain, and product management services across diverse industries. As a single point of accountability, Jabil empowers its customers to innovate, prototype, manufacture, validate, and distribute products efficiently, focusing on optimizing performance, quality, and market reach.

Ebner Pizarro, a prominent team member, said: "Embedded into our DNA, we have the vision to seek continuous improvement every day. The Shingo Model has enabled us to reach the next level in the journey of excellence."

Jabil Baja Plant 3's achievements are indeed "next level." The site boasts several achievements, including 54 Servant Leadership certifications, 160 Lean Bronze Certifications, and 15 Shingo Alumni, exemplifying its commitment to culture and positive leadership. Furthermore, Jabil Baja Plant 3 has been recognized for its dedication to employee satisfaction and well-being. It boasts an 87% favorable response in the employee satisfaction survey in Fiscal Year 2023.

Arturo Galvez, another key figure at Jabil Baja Plant 3, added insightfully, "For me, the Shingo Model is a life-changing opportunity to keep leading and coaching."

By challenging or applying for Shingo recognition, organizations invite a group of accomplished professionals and trained examiners to thoroughly review the organization's culture and operations. The examiners evaluate the challengers based on a rigorous set of standards, and the Shingo Institute awards the organizations according to their assessment results.

Jabil Baja Plant 3 in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, was recognized during the Awards Gala at the 36th Annual Shingo Conference on May 9, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, USA. You can learn more by visiting

About the Shingo Institute

The Shingo Institute is home to the Shingo Prize, an award that recognizes organizations that demonstrate an exceptional culture that fosters continuous improvement. A program at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, the Shingo Institute is named after Japanese industrial engineer and Toyota adviser Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world's thought leaders in concepts, management systems, and improvement techniques known as the Toyota Production System.

Drawing from Dr. Shingo's teachings and years of experience working with organizations worldwide, the Shingo Institute developed the Shingo Model, the basis for its several educational offerings, including workshops, webinars, podcasts, study tours, and conferences. Workshops are available in multiple languages through the Institute's licensed affiliates. For more information on workshops and affiliates or to register to attend the Annual Shingo Conference, please visit


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