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UPR Launches Original Series on Gaining Resilience by Overcoming Resistance

By Janelle Hyatt |

Utah Public Radio introduces a new series with ideas for feeling better and increasing mental health. "Project Resilience: Becoming Resilient by Overcoming Resistance" airs regularly on the NPR-affiliate station that can be heard at and in northern Utah at 91.5 FM. The series suggests that taking a break is an easy way to increase your overall satisfaction and productivity in life and at work.

Utah Public Radio (UPR) has launched a new community support storytelling program — “Project Resilience: Becoming Resilient by Overcoming Resistance.”

UPR, Utah State University’s affiliate of National Public Radio, continues a tradition of encouraging social change through storytelling, says UPR co-director Kerry Bringhurst. This new program, she said, “introduces us to neighbors and friends who have experienced assault, personal loss, bullying, mental health challenges and other tragedies.”
UPR’s goal in sharing these stories is to strengthen individuals and communities, she added. “By sharing coping tips and support resources, the project is designed to empower each of us to become more resilient,” whether the stressor is a one-time traumatic event or a result of daily pressures.

Bringhurst, whom listeners also hear as host of the local NPR Morning Edition, said UPR is in a unique position to connect those in need with professionals and support. 

UPR is airing tips on ways and resources for becoming more resilient with advice from USU’s Center for Persons with Disabilities, The Family Place and USU’s I-System Institute. These tips are heard on UPR’s statewide radio network and They are simple yet powerful reminders of our ability to take personal action, she said. 
“The Family Place is thrilled to partner with UPR to support ongoing efforts to help community members become more resilient,” said Vonda Jump, director of the Family Place Trauma Resiliency Project and an assistant professor of social work on the USU Brigham City campus. “Parenting is one of the hardest and most amazing journeys we will ever undertake, and being there for others in those difficult moments of parenting can help us get through it so we can relish the wonderful moments.”

Personal stories designed to inspire hope and empower communities and individuals are being produced by UPR and NPR as part of the project. Grieving, internet safety, mental health public policy and support care for parents and providers are addressed. The project includes an online database of local resources and information, said Bringhurst. 

“One of our goals over the next five years is to raise the awareness of mental health issues in Utah, to combat the stigma associated with seeking support for mental health concerns and to develop effective community-based programs to foster resilience in our communities and schools,” said Matthew Wappett, executive director of USU’s Center for Persons With Disabilities. “We are especially concerned about issues of mental health and resilience in rural communities, and we are making a concerted effort to address the needs there.”

UPR is seeking examples of resilience from individuals and organizations. If you have a story or resource to share, call the UPR news line at (435) 797-9679, or visit for more information. 

UPR is heard throughout Utah. A listing of stations can be found at Streaming services are found online. “Project Resilience” can also be heard through the UPR app. UPR shares news and information statewide through six transmitters and 30 translators. 


Janelle Hyatt
Communications Director
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
(435) 797-0289


Kerry Bringhurst
News Director, Co-Station Manager
Utah Public Radio

Matthew Wappett
Executive Director
Institute for Disability Research, Policy, & Practice

Vonda Jump Norman
Director and Assistant Professor
Trauma Resiliency Project, The Family Place, Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology



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