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USU and its President Commit to a New Campus in Moab

USU President Noelle Cockett (center) with Vice Provost Rich Etchberger and USU-Moab Executive Director Lianna Etchberger look over plans for the new USU-Moab campus.

Utah State University President Noelle Cockett, Utah legislators, Moab City and Grand County representatives, administration from USU-Moab and its advisory council met to discuss the needs and strategy to build a new campus in Moab. The group affirmed their commitment by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

“This is a major undertaking that will require a lot of work and cooperation from all who are involved,” said President Cockett. “Our meeting in USU-Moab’s current location was filled with those who want the best for the local community. We all came together to share ideas and common goals. Based on the meeting, I know we will see continued progress toward a new campus.”

For 45 years, USU-Moab has served the local community by meeting their educational needs. To continue this mission, USU will expand operations in Moab with a new campus on a 40-acre site, located approximately three miles South of Moab City. The new campus will serve the community through expanded educational opportunities and additional partnerships.

“This has been a collaborative effort by all parties to bring quality educational opportunities to Moab that will benefit all Grand County residents,” said Moab Mayor Dave Sakrison. “We have been working toward a new USU-Moab campus for more than a decade, and I’m ecstatic to see it now coming to fruition. The new campus will not only provide expanded higher-education options for our area, but also economic benefits as well as housing opportunities. It’s a win-win for the City of Moab, Grand County and USU, and most importantly for our community.”  

The campus will be part of a larger complex that includes zoned housing areas that will help address the affordable housing needs of the community. Lianna Etchberger, USU-Moab executive director, said the design will be integrated with the landscape aesthetically and functionally, being intrinsically a textbook in itself to the student body.

Etchberger opened the meeting by giving a brief overview of the plan in progress. Sakrison and Grand County Councilman Curtis Wells discussed the community’s commitment and the infrastructure development.

“It was great seeing so many people from across Utah, the local community and USU bring innovative ideas to ensure USU can continue to provide the highest quality of education to the people of Moab,” Etchberger said. “Our main priority right now is researching programming that meets community needs to support economic diversification.”

USU Vice President Neil Abercrombie presented USU’s capital campaign and fundraising strategies. The meeting finished with an open discussion to share insights and solutions.

“Having all parties on the same page, establishing clear goals and setting timelines are great developments for this project,” Wells said. “While there is a lot of work ahead, Grand County hosts a strong level of commitment and determination to sprint through the finish line. We’re all-hands-on deck.”

For more information on the new USU-Moab campus, visit To learn more about donation opportunities, please contact Lianna Etchberger at and 435-797-4104.

Contact: Lianna Etchberger,, 435-797-4104.

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