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USU Extension Offers Resources for Challenges of Covid-19

By Julene Reese |

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a world-wide concern, with new travel restrictions and school and event cancellations daily. There are many factors to consider, from health and safety and sheltering in place, to food storage, talking to children about a pandemic and mental anxiety.

Utah State University Extension provides research-backed information to help Utah residents as they maneuver the challenges this new virus brings. The website is a hub for Extension resources that includes videos, fact sheets, links and press releases. Included are such areas as working and businesses, sanitization, food, self and social care, parenting, finance, emergency response and self-reliance. The site will be updated regularly to include new information.

Additional coronavirus resources include Extension Facebook and Instagram, the USU COVID-19 site and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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