UMAC: Trademark Licensing

Obtaining a Trademark License

Per university policy 510, all items bearing the university trademarks must be produced by a licensed vendor, and pre-approved by University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing to ensure brand standards compliance. This includes items manufactured for internal use, by students, staff, and/or affiliates.

CLC License

All campus entities must use a licensed vendor to produce any branded goods bearing any of the Utah State trademarks or logos. This applies whether the items are intended for the department/organizations own use (e.g. team shirts), promotional pieces, or items to be sold for fundraising. No department, division, group, or entity, outside of Utah State General Counsel office, University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing, and Aggie Sports Properties, can give any outside entity rights to use USU marks in any way. If you feel a business needs access to our logos for sponsorship reasons, please contact University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing Director, Heidi Adams at or 435-797-0587.

CLC license type guide

Visit the CLC website to obtain a license.

A CLC license is required for all companies and individuals who have a product(s) they wish to sell in retail stores, and/or for companies wishing to produce items for internal consumption at Utah State University. The licensing process is very thorough and can take a few months.

Crafters License

A crafters license is available to individuals who handmake items at home and do not intend to sell items wholesale or to retail stores, but instead sell hand-crafted items at craft fairs, farmers markets, or online through Etsy and similar websites.

The crafters license covers handmade items that are either specifically Utah State-themed, or items that are in school colors that clearly target the Utah State University market. This includes — but is not limited to — products made from existing Utah State University-licensed fabric.

The crafters license fee is $190 — $50 for the license fee, and $140 in pre-paid royalties. This license allows the crafter to sell $1,000 worth of licensed articles.

The official hologram label count will be determined based on the cost of the crafters merchandise. Hologram stickers will be issued according to the following formula: 1,000 divided by the projected retail cost of the licensed articles.

The crafter's license is good for one year, or when the predetermined amount of product has sold, whichever comes first.

Upon execution of a license and receipt of the associated fees, the licensee will receive a Utah State University Crafter's License certificate to be displayed, as well as hologram stickers to be placed on each licensed product available for sale.

The crafters application form should be completed and submitted online.

Once the product samples are reviewed and approved, a Crafter's License Agreement will be sent to the crafter for review and signature. The license agreement should be returned with a check or money order in the sum of $150 for the license fee mentioned above. All checks and/or money orders should be made payable to “Utah State University" and sent to:

Utah State University | Trademark Licensing
0500 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-0500

If you do not receive a notice of receipt of application within 72 hours of submitting, please call 435-797-0587.

Please note that in accordance with university policy, no solicitation of sales may be made on campus or at tailgate events.


One-Time Trademark License

This license can be issued to a non-licensed company, one-time. The one-time trademark license provides an opportunity for university departments, colleges, and divisions to collaborate with outside companies who are not currently licensed. This opportunity also allows businesses who are not licensed to work with the university before deciding to become a licensed vendor.

To obtain a one-time license fill out and submit a one-time license form.