June 2024 Newsletter: A Bolder Way Forward

A Bolder Way Forward Advocates,

Good morning! We have a number of announcements in this month’s A Bolder Way Forward (BWF) newsletter:

First, our 2nd Annual BWF Summit was held on June 6 at Zions Bank Technology Center. It was a huge success with about 1,000 (including 200 online) people gathered to celebrate the progress, strategize the year ahead, and discuss ways we can help women and girls thrive in Utah. We will have an edited recording of the opening session soon for you to view and/or share!

Second, new resources include:

Third, several things are happening within spokes and impact teams:

  • Spokes are adding resource sections to their webpages to provide key information and links (newsletters, research, events, etc.) for their spokes.
  • Impact Teams have created vision and thriving statements (see webpages) and are working on ways to provide perspective and resources for spoke goals.
  • The collaborative 6-spoke survey (workplace related spokes) is still open and we welcome any companies or organizations with over 100 employees to complete the survey; please help us obtain vital information for these spokes.
  • Short videos are being created about each spoke to share quick summaries of data/stats, key narratives, and specific calls to action (should be out in August).

Fourth, we have now visited and laid the foundation for BWF coalitions in all of Utah’s 29 counties (see webpages for each). To start Year 2, counties are firming up their internal structures (e.g., co-leads, executive leadership teams, spoke reps); mapping their resources; and bringing in partners and affiliates. We are grateful to those across the state who are leaning in at the grassroots level to make a difference in their own counties. Please visit your county's webpage to learn more and get involved.

Fifth, visit the BWF Events page to view upcoming events from BWF spokes and partners. Check out the UWLP community calendar for all events in Utah for girls and women.

Finally, learn more about A Bolder Way Forward with this video. If you are interested in a variety of areas, you can take this Interest Survey, and if your company/organization would like to get engaged, you can complete this Organizational Interest Survey. Join us on the BWF social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram. Subscribe at www.abolderwayforward.org to receive these updates to your own inbox if you received a forwarded email.

Share this newsletter to help spread the word. Now is the time, Utah is the place, for A Bolder Way Forward!


A Bolder Way Forward
Utah Women & Leadership Project
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
Utah State University
3550 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-3550
Web: abolderwayforward.org

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