Toolkit: Canva


Canva is a user-friendly, cloud-based graphic design tool that University Marketing & Communications has made available to the university to create on-brand marketing content, presentations, training videos and more.

Canva Tools

  • Templates - University Marketing & Communications has added numerous branded templates available for use to customize for your project. Canva templates that can be customized with Utah State University brand fonts and colors via the Canva Brand Hub.
  • Brand Hub - Includes logos, brand templates, fonts, and colors.
  • Magic Presentations - Skip the blank canvas and generate a first draft of your presentation complete with outlines, slides and content. Simply type your idea and watch it build your presentation.
  • Magic Edit - Edit images and other objects with AI. Simply select an image, and then Magic Edit.
  • Guides & Align - You can add guidelines to align items on your piece. Please keep the rule of thirds in mind.
  • Gradients - You can use pre-made gradients that Canva has set up and/or adjust them for your needs.
  • Layouts & Styles - Design layouts will make layout suggestions for you. You can apply brand fonts, and colors with a simple click of a button.
  • Images Galore - Photoshelter, Canva images, text to image, and frames can all be used to add images to your designs. 
  • Icon Access - Canva has teamed up with The Noun Project which is currently used by University Marketing & Communications. This partnership will enhance your materials and make it easy to keep them on brand.
  • Resizing Tool - Automatically resizes your pieces so they can be used in various sizes across various platforms.

Account Administration

For new account requests, template requests, or training, please reach out to -