Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What scholarship opportunities are availabe? Financial aid information for graduate degrees is located on each respective degree. General scholarship information can be found at the College of Science's Scholarship Page
What kind of laptop do I need? Minimum specs include:
CPU: Quad-Core
Memory: 8gb of DDR4 SRAM
Storage: 256gb SSD
Video: Integrated graphics card
Can I get credit for an internship? Yes! Students must apply for the CS 4250 course. Meet with your advisor for more details.
How do I find an internship? We recommend you start with USU’s Career Design Center
What are the admission requirements? Reference the New Student Admission Requirements for detailed information.
Is financial aid available? Yes, details about financial aid can be found on each CS program's specific page.
Who is my advisor? Your advisor is determined by the program you are enrolled in and your last name. See the CS Advising page for more details.
How can I get involved in research? Reach out to the professors performing research you find interest in.
How can I get help with my coursework? The CS Coaching Center is available for those taking CS courses and the Aggie Math Learning Center provides Math tutoring.