Dining Services Internal Rewards Program

Recognize your teammates!

Dining Services utilizes Nectar to recognize our employees when they exhibit our core values! Our core values are Passion, Respect, Empowerment, Dedication, Integrity, Continuous Improvement, and Teamwork. These values all support our mission of 'Creating an Excellent College Experience'.

The great thing about Nectar is that anyone within the organization can recognize each other when they see any of these values in action, peer-to-peer and manger-to-peer. Give your co-workers points for going above and beyond, and redeem your own points for internal or external rewards! When you are first hired you will be added to Nectar and the nectar bot will reach out to help you get started. If you did not get an invite to Nectar, contact your manager so they can get you added to it. 

Giving a shout-out

Go to and tag who you want to shout out, how many points you want to give them and hashtag what value they exemplified. Every employee gets 50 points per month to recognize their peers, they will expire at the end of the month if they are not utilized and then reset for next month so make sure to give your co-workers some love! 

Redeeming your points

Every time you get shouted out by a peer or manager you are accumulating points; these points can be used two ways: internal or external rewards. For internal rewards you can choose from bakery treats, block meal plans, ARC membership and more. For external rewards you can choose gift cards from multiple sources such as Amazon, Lowe's, Target, Nike and more! 

nectar shout out example