Student Collaborators on Teaching


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Student Collaborators on Teaching (SCOTs)

The student collaborators on teaching (SCOTs) program is built around the understanding that students and instructors create learning and knowledge together. SCOTs offer a variety of services, including:

  • Syllabus reviews
  • Class observations
  • Focus groups
  • Customizable services

Who are SCOTs? 

Student collaborators on teaching (SCOTs) are undergraduate students who are trained by the Center for Empowering Teaching Excellence (ETE). As undergraduate students, they are uniquely positioned to give feedback to instructors and garner feedback from peers on perceived strengths and weaknesses of instruction. All SCOTs have been FERPA-trained to maintain the confidentiality of students and instructors. SCOTs represent different colleges, academic years, demographics, and personal interests. 

What can instructors expect from the SCOTs program? 

The outcomes of the SCOTs program will depend on the objectives the instructor has set. There are a number of common services that SCOTs provide, including class observations, syllabus reviews, and focus groups. Through these and other services, instructors can expect to: 

How long does it take to participate in SCOTs?

The time commitment involved with SCOTs will depend on the instructor's desired outcomes. For all SCOTs services, instructors can expect:
1) A 20-minute initial consultation. In this meeting, the instructor and SCOT establish the objectives for participation in the program and determine the most appropriate services to achieve those objectives. 
2) Implementation of the service(s). Depending on the service, this might vary between a 20-minute focus group held at the end of class and a 90-minute class observation. 
3) A 20-minute follow-up consultation. During this meeting, the SCOT will present the instructor with the results of the services performed and guide the instructor in a reflection about potential follow-up actions. The SCOT will provide the instructor with a final report, summarizing these conclusions. 

*Feedback from SCOTs on your teaching, survey data from in-class focus groups, and any other data from SCOT consultations are for the purpose of improving teaching, and not intended for research. If you are interested in utilizing data SCOTs collect or provide to you for research purposes, please contact USU IRB.

When can instructors participate in SCOTs? 

The SCOTs program operates throughout the year. Instructors can request a meeting with a SCOT at any time by completing this form. 

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