Resilient Pedagogy

Practical Teaching Strategies to Overcome
Distance, Disruption, and Distraction

Travis N Thurston, Kacy Lundstrom, and Christopher González

As the first book in the Empower Teaching Open Access Book Series, Resilient Pedagogy offers a comprehensive collection on resilient pedagogy framed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social justice movements that have swept the globe. As a collection, Resilient Pedagogy is a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective response to actions taken in different classrooms, across different institution types, and from individuals in different institutional roles. Regardless of your own position or role at your institution, we invite you to take the concepts, strategies, and ideas presented in this volume and find ways to apply them to your own context, and we encourage you to share them widely with others.

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Table of Contents

Land Acknowledgement | Praise for Resilient Pedagogy | Contributors 
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Resilient Pedagogy: A Foreword download pdf foreword

Jesse Stommel

Introduction: It's the Hope that Kills You download pdf introductionaccess podcast trailer

Travis N Thurston


Chapter 1: Resilient Pedagogy and Self-Determination Theory: Unlocking Student Engagement in Uncertain Timesdownload pdf chapter 1access podcast episode 1

Lindsay C. Masland

Chapter 2: Productive Disruptions: Resilient Pedagogies that Advocate for Equity download pdf chapter 2

Beth Buyserie, Rachel Bryson, and Rachel Quistberg

Chapter 3: How Adult Education Can Inform Optimal Online Learningdownload pdf chapter 3access podcast episode 2

David S. Noffs and Kristina Wilson

Chapter 4: Advancing an Approach of Resilient Design for Learning by Designing for Extensibility, Flexibility, and Redundancydownload pdf chapter 4access podcast episode 3

Rebecca M. Quintana, Jacob Fortman, and James DeVaney

Chapter 5: Lessons from Anticipatory Intelligence: Resilient Pedagogy in the Face of Future Disruptionsdownload pdf chapter 5

Briana Bowen

Chapter 6: Resilient and Flexible Teaching (RAFT): Integrating a Whole-Person Experience into Online Teachingdownload pdf chapter 6access podcast episode 4

Christina Fabrey and Heather Keith

Chapter 7: Innovative Pedagogies for Promoting University Global Engagement in Times of Crisisdownload pdf chapter 7

Steve Hawks

Chapter 8: Creating Adaptable Courses: A Course Design Approach that Accommodates Flexible Deliverydownload pdf chapter 8

Kosta Popovic, Eric Reyes, Jen O’Connor, Kay C Dee, and Ella L. Ingram


Chapter 9: A New Normal in Inclusive, Usable Online Learning Experiencesdownload pdf chapter 9

Christopher Phillips and Jared S. Colton

Chapter 10: “How Do I Annotate a PDF?:” Building Online Toolkits to Support the Development of Academic Skills and Digital Literaciesdownload pdf chapter 10

Jenae Cohn

Chapter 11: Team-Based Learning Bring Academic Rigor, Collaboration, and Community to Online Learningdownload pdf chapter 11

Elizabeth Winter, Michele Clark, and Chris Burns

Chapter 12: Conducting Guided, Virtual Homework Sessions to Support Student Success during COVID Campus Closuresdownload pdf chapter 12

Rebecca Campbell and Kevin Kelly

Chapter 13: Asynchronous Discussions for First-Year Writers and Beyond: Thinking Outside the PPR (Prompt, Post, Reply) Boxdownload pdf chapter 13

Miriam Moore

Chapter 14: Designing Curriculum Collaboratively: A Practice for Learning Alongside Undergraduate Teaching Assistants During Uncertain Timesdownload pdf chapter 14

Jessica Rivera-Mueller and Kresten Erickson

Chapter 15: "Things Are Different Now": A Student, Staff, and Faculty Course Design Institute Collaborationdownload pdf chapter 15

Maggie Debelius, Susannah McGowan, Aiyanna Maciel, Clare Reid, and Alexa Eason

The premise of this groundbreaking anthology—that resilient course design and teaching practices offer practical and pedagogically effective, innovative ways to continue to facilitate student learning during unexpected disruptions—is one of the most important lessons that everyone in higher education should be taking away from the COVID-19 pandemic era.
Jessamyn Neuhaus, Author of “Geeky Pedagogy”

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Recommended APA Citation

Thurston, T. N., Lundstrom, K., & González, C. (Eds.) (2021). Resilient pedagogy: Practical teaching strategies to overcome distance, disruption, and distraction. Utah State University.

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Both thoughtful and practical, this volume...provides clear guidance to faculty on how they may navigate key pedagogical choices and apply specific guiding principles in order to design more flexible, inclusive, supportive, and resilient learning environments.
Rajiv Jhangiani, Associate Vice Provost of Open Education, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

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The ResiPed Podcast is a platform for the authors of Resilient Pedagogy and special guests to share their insight and expertise on how to help you and your students overcoming distance, disruption, and distraction.

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Hosted by Travis Thurston

Resilient Pedagogy answers the call for equitable and effective teaching practices during and between times of crisis...this volume shines light on the possibilities that open up when we incorporate strategy, flexibility and empathy in our teaching.
Tazin Daniels, Assistant Director, CRLT, University of Michigan

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