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JETE is a collaborative publication by multiple units across the Utah State University system. The intent of this journal is to benefit faculty and instructional professionals who teach by providing a place where they can share their ideas, practices, and research around teaching. The intended audience includes faculty and professionals at all institutions who teach, develop instruction, and conduct research related to teaching in higher education.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1

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JETE CoverA Participatory Exercise in Developing Syllabi with Adult Learners

Laneshia Conner University of Kentucky
Nikki Jones Spalding University
Jason P Johnston University of Kentucky


Transformative participatory approaches in education are positioned to challenge traditional models where instructors bear all responsibility for knowledge creation and learners are passive recipients of knowledge. The promotion of participatory learning and critical pedagogy is essential to helping professionals seeking to understand oppressive structural barriers and employing strategies to dismantle these structures. This article describes a participatory approach undertaken to guide learners through an exercise to co-create syllabus content in a graduate social work course. Learners identified three themes, concerns, fears, and problems, related to the course material. Learners were also asked to think about how they could address the three themes to apply new information to problem solve. Through the syllabus cloud activity, learners shaped course content, decided on the format to deliver content, and applied their status as adult learners in an intentional way. As educators prepare to critically and intentionally dismantle aspects of the learning milieu that may perpetuate systems of oppression, collaborative learning and teaching can help to reduce oppressive practices. Reflections for formative and summative evaluation and future research are discussed.

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Featured Book Review

Book review of 99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos by Karen Costa

Jason Olsen

Utah State University

Book Review

Costa, K. (2020). 99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos. Stylus Publishing.

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We encourage tenure and non-tenure track faculty who teach, instructional designers, librarians, graduate teaching assistants, graduate instructors and other instructional professionals to submit articles on the following topics:

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  • technology implementation reviews
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As scholars, we are all acutely aware of the constraints and opportunities offered by the world health crisis occurring at the time of this issue’s publication. This issue explores opportunities to strengthen academic and intellectual vigor by focusing on the tripartite mission of higher education: that of teaching, research, and service.
Kim Hales, Editor-in-Chief

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