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JETE is a collaborative publication by multiple units across the Utah State University system. The intent of this journal is to benefit faculty and instructional professionals who teach by providing a place where they can share their ideas, practices, and research around teaching. The intended audience includes faculty and professionals at all institutions who teach, develop instruction, and conduct research related to teaching in higher education.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 (Fall 2021)

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JETE CoverUsing Online Genres to Promote Students’ Audience Awareness

Elena Taylor, PhD

Utah State University


Writing assignments that students complete in university courses are typically designed for evaluation and grading by the instructor, who, therefore, acts as the sole reader of student written work. However, most written genres students would--and do--encounter in the world beyond the classroom are composed for diverse audiences who influence writers’ text construction considerably. Because most students will be likely to write for multiple audiences as part of their career or future academic endeavors, it is crucial for them to develop a sense of audience awareness as an indispensable rhetorical concept that shapes composing processes. Writing online presents a great opportunity to expose students to various genres that promote their interaction with real audiences, thus contributing to their writing development. The purpose of the current article is to describe several online genres that could be introduced in the classroom to develop students’ sense of audience consideration. These genres include product reviews, blogs, instructional articles, and travel guides.

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Featured Book Review

The Missing Course: An Introduction to College Teaching for Graduate Instructors

Cuthbert, Rogowski, Vakula, Aguilar, and Kesler

Utah State University

Book Review

Gooblar, D. (2019). The missing course: Everything they never taught you about college teaching. Harvard University Press.

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We encourage tenure and non-tenure track faculty who teach, instructional designers, librarians, graduate teaching assistants, graduate instructors and other instructional professionals to submit articles on the following topics:

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  • technology implementation reviews
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As scholars, we are all acutely aware of the constraints and opportunities offered by the world health crisis occurring at the time of this issue’s publication. This issue explores opportunities to strengthen academic and intellectual vigor by focusing on the tripartite mission of higher education: that of teaching, research, and service.
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