The Mission and Vision of USU Honors

Our Mission
The University Honors Program trains a diverse community of tomorrow’s leaders by engaging them in civil discourse, research and creative projects, and local and global humanitarian work. The program embodies Utah State University’s land-grant mission to prioritize academics, foster diversity of thought and culture, and serve the public through learning, discovery, and engagement. The university therefore guarantees the program adequate infrastructure and resources, including an appropriate budget and faculty, staff, and administrative support, and commits to building and sustaining a robust Honors Program at the heart of the USU Aggie experience.

Our Vision

In keeping with USU’s land-grant mission, the program aims to recognize and develop the potential of students to become future change agents, even when students do not yet see that potential in themselves. Our vision is to build an increasingly rich and diverse community of students, faculty, alumni, staff, and stakeholders who represent the best that Utah State University has to offer.

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