Honors Leadership Academy


Designed for first- and second-year students only, the Honors Leadership Academy (HLA) is a year-long Honors in Practice experience designed to help first- and second-year Honors students develop valuable leadership skills and prepare to become future student leaders, both within and outside of Honors.

In addition to participating in occasional training, networking, and social events, HLA participants complete weekly assignments and activities in five key areas of leadership:

1. Honors Ambassador: Know and share Honors benefits with prospective students
2. Honors Publicist: Promote and celebrate Honors in social and other media
3. Honors Peer Educator: Understand and show peers how to navigate Honors
4. Honors Community Builder: Join and expand engagement in the Honors community
5. Honors Star: Become a visible and active member of the Honors community

Those who successfully complete the year-long program will gain range of valuable, marketable leadership skills, earn three (3) Honors points, and qualify for future Honors student leadership roles.


Applications for the 2021-2022 Honors Leadership Academy are now closed.