Honors Book Labs

Honors Book Labs are four-week faculty-run book groups that engage 4-5 Honors students in cross-disciplinary conversation. Faculty select reputably published books of broad literary and cultural merit on topics of their choice: they might select books they teach or ones they would like to read, recent prizewinners or topical bestsellers, local gems or international classics, works of fact or fiction. Honors Book Labs all share four key learning outcomes: they introduce students to new ideas, involve them in cross-disciplinary civil discourse, encourage them to think critically, and connect them to their local and global communities.

All Book Labs meet four times: one hour per week during the second through fifth weeks of each term. Honors buys all books and tracks enrollment (including waitlists) for each lab. Faculty lead discussions, but they do not evaluate work or assign grades for this experience. Instead, Honors students earn one Honors point once they have attended all four meetings and submitted a written reflection about how the Book Lab met the learning outcomes described above.

Students may enroll in only one Book Lab per term, and students who fail to complete a reflection for a Book Lab in one semester may not register for another in the following term. Please call 435-797-2715 or email honors@usu.edu immediately if you can no longer participate in a Book Lab for which you have enrolled. Demand is high, and Honors tries to accommodate as many students as possible. Enrolled students must complete all Book Lab requirements or return the book to remain in good standing with the University Honors Program. Good standing includes the privileges to enroll in future Book Labs, register early, and apply for and receive Honors funding. 

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