Overview of Requirements

Admitted students graduate with University Honors by earning a total of 28 Honors points, completing an Honors Capstone Project, and finishing with a 3.5+ USU/overall GPA. Honors points track a student's academic and extracurricular development at USU, and the University Honors transcript designation demonstrates curiosity, creativity, courage, and community connection to future employers and/or graduate programs.

What are Honors Learning Outcomes?

The University Honors Program engages students in meeting four key learning outcomes related to the program’s mission, vision, and values. All Honors graduates demonstrate significant progress on these learning outcomes, assessed at each stage of the curriculum with work and reflections submitted in the University Honors Program Canvas course:

  1. Critical Thinking: Students develop skill in thinking critically and respectfully about their own and others’ ideas.
  2. Independent Research: Students develop skill in conducting research by engaging in the process of discovery and sharing of their findings with others.
  3. Interdisciplinary Learning: Students develop skill in connecting ideas and developing academic/professional relationships across disciplines.
  4. Community Engagement: Students develop skill in finding active, positive engagement with their local, national, and global communities.

What are Honors Points?

Honors points track each student's progress toward completing program requirements and meeting learning outcomes. Because these requirements map flexibly and meaningfully onto any major, students can customize their honors experience to achieve their personal and professional goals. Honors points mark progress toward these goals by giving students credit for the essential work of developing mentoring relationships with professors, building portfolios of independent project-based work, and articulating the value of a USU education.

How Do Students Earn Honors Points?

Students meet requirements in the four key areas of the Honors curriculum in many different ways, and they earn points each time they do so and submit approved work in the University Honors Program Canvas course. The point maximums and recommendations below are designed to guide rather than dictate progress toward graduation with University Honors:

Additional Information

Transfer or existing USU students must still earn 28 points to graduate with Honors, but most students enter with some Honors points awarded based on prior work articulated in their applicationsStudents should schedule an appointment with an Honors advisor to map Honors requirements onto their individual USU degree plans.

Students can earn their 28 Honors points through a combination of the following:

  • Credit for Past Work: Previous Honors course credits transfer directly (3 credits = 3 Honors points) and academic work outside the classroom typically earns 3 points per 20 hours. Students can earn 3 Honors points by documenting that they have passed ENGL 2010 (or equivalent) with at least a B. Students typically earn up to 9 points for past work.
  • Credit for Present WorkDuring their 4-6 remaining semesters at USU, Honors students admitted after their first year can earn points as all Honors students do: they complete and document work in the four key areas of the Honors curriculum.