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College Scheduler

This tool is the most efficient way for you to optimize your semester's schedule and maximize credit hours.

College Scheduler generates a variety of daily schedules to fit your needs based on the criteria you input, such as campus location, desired courses, and work breaks.

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College Scheduler Video Tutorials
Find video tutorials to help you register with College Scheduler.

Registration Tips

Choose the closest location you are most likely to attend

If you've relocated outside of Logan and would like to take classes at one of our statewide campuses, please register for classes based on the appropriate campus code. If you are unsure which campus you'll attend, select the campus you are most likely to attend.

What about online classes?

Even if you are registering for online classes, you should select the campus location that is closest to where you plan to live. If your plans change, the Registrar's Office can assist you in making registration changes.

Register using Banner

You can add, drop, and find different classes in Banner, but you will miss out on the added features like being able to add in when you need breaks to auto generate schedules that work for you with College Scheduler.

Registration Steps


Meet with Your Advisor

Your major advisor knows the ins and outs of your degree. They know which classes you should take and the order you should take them to make sure you graduate at a pace that fits your schedule. Schedule an appointment with your advisor before you begin registering for courses.


Register for classes

Once registration opens and you’ve created a Degree Works plan with your advisor, you can reference it from College Scheduler and register. It only takes a few minutes because you’ve already completed the bulk of the work.


Pay Tuition and Fees

If you don’t pay your tuition and fees before the deadline, you may be dropped from your registered classes or incur late fees. Use the TouchNet system 24/7 to view your balance and pay any remaining dues.