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Adding and Dropping Classes

You may add or drop classes if you have registered and paid in a previous semester. Find out when you may add or drop by consulting the important dates section.

Log into ACCESS to pay your bill and complete your registration. If you fail to pay by the deadline, your classes may be dropped.

Dropping Courses

If a student does not attend a class during the first week of the term or by the second class meeting, whichever comes first, the instructor may submit a request to have the student dropped from the course. (This does not remove responsibility from the student to drop courses which he or she does not plan to attend.) Students who are dropped from courses will be notified by the Registrar’s Office through their preferred e-mail account.

Students may drop courses without notation on the permanent record through the first 20 percent of the class. If a student drops a course following the first 20 percent of the class, a W will be permanently affixed to the student’s record (check General Catalog  for exact dates).

Students with extenuating circumstances should refer to the policy regarding Complete Withdrawal from the University and the Incomplete (I) Grade policy.

In extenuating circumstances in which a complete withdrawal or an incomplete grade is not deemed the best action to take, a student may petition for a Late Drop up through the last day of classes. The term “extenuating” circumstances includes: (1) incapacitating illness which prevents a student from attending classes for a minimum period of two weeks, (2) a death in the immediate family, (3) financial responsibilities requiring a student to alter course schedule to secure employment, (4) change in work schedule as required by employer, (5) judicial obligations, or (6) other emergencies deemed appropriate by the instructor. Students requesting a late drop must submit a Petition for Late Drop to the Registrar’s Office. The student must attach a typed appeal stating an explanation and justification for the desired drop(s). Supporting documentation confirming the extenuating circumstances must accompany the petition. The cost of the petition is $20, which is a nonrefundable processing fee and does not guarantee approval.

In the event that a student registers for a course which is later canceled, it is the responsibility of the department to officially cancel the class with the Scheduling Office, and the student’s responsibility to drop the course for a full refund. It is the department’s responsibility to notify students of canceled or rescheduled classes.

A student may not drop all of his or her classes without an official withdrawal (Complete Withdrawal) from the University.


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