Registration Dates and Deadlines

To ensure you have enough time to register for courses before the semester starts, USU institutes several registration dates and deadlines. It’s important you know and comply by these timelines to register successfully.

Registration Dates

Registration opens on four different dates for each semester, and your date is determined by the number of credits you have earned. You can view the specific dates on the registration calendar. Those with the most credits earned, typically graduate students and seniors, have the earliest registration date. Those with the least credits earned, typically freshmen, have the latest registration date. The courses you need are more likely to be available if you register soon after registration opens.

Last Day to Add Courses

For each semester, there is a deadline to add courses and finalize your schedule. After this deadline, adding courses will require completion of the Late Add Petition form. You can view each semester’s “Last Day to Add” deadline online.

Last Day to Drop Courses before Payment is Required

If you decide to drop a course you registered for and don’t want to pay for it, you have to do it by a specific date. If you withdraw from a course after this deadline, you are still required to pay for the course and will receive a W (withdrawal) on your transcript. You can view each semester’s “Last Day to Drop” deadline online.

Registration Steps


Meet with your advisor

The best way to prepare for registration is to meet with your advisor. If you want a smooth registration, do this.

Topics your advisor will help you cover


Register for classes

Once registration opens you will have the opportunity to build your schedule. If you've already created a plan with your advisor, you should be able to complete this step in a matter of minutes using Banner.

Helpful guides and topics about registration


Pay your tuition and fees

Tuition is due upon registering for classes. You can see how much you owe by logging into TouchNet at anytime.

Payment Help

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