Selecting Courses

Generally, the upcoming semester’s course schedule is published four to five weeks before registration opens. This gives you time to meet with your advisor and create a plan in Degree Works. Once registration opens, you’ll already have the courses outlined, including the specific sections (course times) you need.

Contact Your Advisor


Classes are taught at our Logan campus and across the state at our Statewide Campuses. You should register for all sections of your classes, even online classes, based on your physical location. Filtering by location when browsing courses is the easist way to see the appropriate sections. Contact your advisor if you need help.

Section Code Campus
A San Juan/Blanding
B Brigham City
C South West (Ephraim)
E Moab
K Kaysville
L Logan
N North Central (Orem)
P Price
S Salt Lake City
T Tooele
U Uintah Basin (Vernal/Roosevelt)
Z Out of State

Delivery Methods

To ensure you have ultimate flexibility, there are a variety of delivery methods, also known as instructional methods, offered. In College Scheduler, the delivery method is shown on the top of a generated schedule. In Banner, the delivery method is shown when you click a course title.

Determining Instructional Method During Registration
If you need help finding where the instructional method is indicated during registration, contact your advisor or review the Banner help guide.


All students and the instructor(s) meet in the same room at a specified time and day.

Interactive Broadcast

The course is broadcasted to multiple locations throughout the state using interactive video conferencing (IVC) technology. Students and instructors are required to attend through a physical location, but are likely to be in different rooms.


There are no specific meeting times or locations, with all interactions and assignments taking place over the internet. Participation is still required through Canvas. Tests are taken under the supervision of a proctor.

Web Broadcast

Similar to interactive broadcast, however you are not required to meet through a physical location to participate in the broadcast. You can do so online from a quiet location of your choice.


Students and the instructor(s) require specific meeting times through a variety of delivery methods, as well as unscheduled online participation. These courses meet less often than traditional and broadcast courses.


Students work directly with an instructor or an advisor to complete specific requirements. Together, they decide meeting times and locations.

Course Durations

Courses are either 14 or 7 weeks long. In College Scheduler, a course’s duration is shown once a schedule is generated. In Banner, a course’s duration is shown when your cursor hovers over “meeting times.”

Determining Duration During Registration
If you need help finding where the course duration is indicated during registration, contact your advisor or review the Banner help guide.

Registration Steps


Meet with your advisor

The best way to prepare for registration is to meet with your advisor. If you want a smooth registration, do this.

Topics your advisor will help you cover


Register for classes

Once registration opens you will have the opportunity to build your schedule. If you've already created a plan with your advisor, you should be able to complete this step in a matter of minutes using Banner.


Pay your tuition and fees

Tuition is due upon registering for classes. You can see how much you owe by logging into TouchNet at anytime. Failure to pay may result in being dropped from your classes.

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