Once a course is full, students can register to be on the waitlist: a standby line that fills openings when they become available. Your position in the waitlist is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Waitlisting is available anytime for most courses until the second week of class begins.

How to Waitlist

If the class you want to register is full, and it uses the waitlisting feature, you will see an option to join the waitlist. If the course has an opening, an email is sent to the student first in the waitlist line. That student is given 24 hours to add the class online. Once the first week of classes starts, the time a waitlist student has to add a class is shortened to 12 hours. You can view your position in the waitlist through your student schedule in Banner.

Update your contact information
If a seat in a class becomes available, you will be notified via your preferred email address on file. Verify your email is correct at id.usu.edu.

Check Your Spot on the Waitlist

To see where you are on the waitlist, log into Banner and click Register for Classes. At the bottom there is a tab labeled Schedule Details that will show courses for which you are registered and waitlisted. Clicking the arrow next to the course name will display your Waitlist Position. See this screenshot for help.

Waitlisting Does Not:

  • Check for time conflicts on your schedule
  • Check for registration holds
  • Give upper classmen priority over underclassmen
  • Work with corequisite or linked courses
Registration Errors
If you are selected from a waitlist to add a course, you may encounter other common registration errors. Contact your advisor if you have any questions.

Registration Steps


Meet with your advisor

The best way to prepare for registration is to meet with your advisor. If you want a smooth registration, do this.

Topics your advisor will help you cover


Register for classes

Once registration opens you will have the opportunity to build your schedule. If you've already created a plan with your advisor, you should be able to complete this step in a matter of minutes using Banner.

Helpful guides and topics about registration


Pay your tuition and fees

Tuition is due upon registering for classes. You can see how much you owe by logging into TouchNet at anytime.

Payment Help

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