Submitting Grades Through Canvas

Before You Begin

  • Enable grading scheme in Canvas external link icon
  • Check that your grade book is accurate and up-to-date before submitting grades
    • There are no blanks in the gradebook. If a student is missing an assignment and can no longer submit it, be sure to enter a "0" for the score. However, if that assignment is not going to be counted against the student as part of the final grade, enter an "EX" for excused.
    • There are no icons in cells of the gradebook. An icon indicates an online submission that hasn't been graded. Click on the cell containing the icon and access the SpeedGrader to finish grading that assignment.
    • There are peach highlights in the gradebook. The color peach means the student has re-submitted the assignment and it needs to be re-graded before submitting a final grade.

Reviewing and Submitting Grades

From the navigation menu of your Canvas course, click Submit Grades to Banner.

submit grades to banner link in Canvas side nav

In the Final tab, review the student's grades for accuracy. If you need to make adjustments you should make them in the Canvas Gradebook first, but you can also change the final grade by entering a new grade in the Final Grade box for each student.

entering in final grades spreadsheet

For student's with failing grades refer to the information on submitting a failing grade below.

If the grades are accurate, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit

If the grades were successfully submitted, a message indicating the number of successful submissions will be displayed.

final grades - successful submissions message

Submitting a Failing Grade

For each student with a failing grade, enter the last date of attendance in the Last Attended Date box.

final grades - unsuccessful submission

Submitting Individual Grades

If you want to submit the grades for a single student or several students you will need to remove the grade from each student you do not want submitted.

individual student grade submission spreadsheet

Checking Banner to Verify Grades That Were Submitted

The Faculty Grade Entry external link icon form in Self Service Banner will allow you to review your grades. For more information about using Faculty Grade Entry, please refer to the Registrar's Banner Faculty Grade Entry tutorial external link icon