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USU's Science Unwrapped Explores 'Food on Mars' Friday, Sept. 20

By Mary-Ann Muffoletto |

USU scientists Bruce Bugbee, left, and Lance Seefeldt are featured speakers at Science Unwrapped Friday, Sept. 20. The gathering begins at 7 p.m. in the Emert Auditorium, Room 130 of the Eccles Science Learning Center on campus. All are welcome.

Can earthlings live on Mars? They can if they develop self-sufficiency, say Utah State University scientists Bruce Bugbee and Lance Seefeldt.

The two researchers are part of the NASA-funded Center for the Utilization of Biological Engineering in Space Project, known as “CUBES,” and they’ll share what they’re learning at Science Unwrapped Friday, Sept. 20, at 7 p.m. in the Emert Auditorium, Room 130, of the Eccles Science Learning Center on the USU campus.

All ages are welcome and admission is free.

“Exploring how to sustain human life on Mars is a really exciting venture,” says Seefeldt, professor and head of USU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. “NASA is moving beyond near-Earth orbit projects and investing in technologies to make long-duration space missions possible.”

Bugbee, professor in USU’s Department of Plants, Soils and Climate, who has long studied growing plants in space, says supporting humans on the Red Planet will involve developing a “nearly perfect” recycling system for water, nutrients and carbon dioxide.

Hands-on learning activities conducted by USU students and faculty and community members, as well as refreshments, follow the talk. The presentation kicks off Science Unwrapped’s year-long “Food for Thought” series.

Hosted by USU’s College of Science, Science Unwrapped introduces science in a relaxed, entertaining manner. Each event draws several hundred guests, with attendees ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens.

For more information, call 435-797-3517, visit the Science Unwrapped website or view the ‘Science Unwrapped at USU’ Facebook page.

'Food on Mars' is the topic for Science Unwrapped Friday, Sept. 20, as the free program for all ages kicks off its ‘Food for Thought’ series. The program begins at 7 p.m. in the Eccles Science Learning Center on campus.


Mary-Ann Muffoletto
Public Relations Specialist
College of Science


Greg Podgorski
Associate Dean for Undergraduates, Science Unwrapped Chair
College of Science


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