Document Accessibility Course

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, many departments are sharing more information online—and it is vital that these electronic resources be built in a way that is inclusive and accessible to all users. To support our efforts in creating an inclusive campus, WebAIM has generously made available a document accessibility course that anyone at USU can sign up to participate in for a limited time. 

If you create Word documents, PowerPoint files, or Acrobat files, this is an incredible opportunity to learn the basics of creating documents in a way that is accessible through an online course at your own pace.

Word, PowerPoint and Acrobat icons


Course Content
The online document accessibility course includes 4 modules:

  • Document Content
  • Document Structure
  • Check Accessibility & Create PDFs
  • Optimizing PDFs in Acrobat

Course Details
  • To join the course, simply email
  • Once you are added to the course you will receive an email invitation to join.
  • The course is available to Faculty and Staff.