Permits for all activities controlled by the Fire Marshal's office can be obtained by calling (435) 797-1968 or (435) 797-1979. Please allow up to 48 hours advance notice for any permit inspection or request. The following activities require a permit:


Any welding, soldering, or torch cutting inside or on any USU buildings.

Apply for a hot-works permit

*Hotwork Being Done By
(2009 IFC; 2604.3.1 Pre-hotwork check.)


Any outside pyrotechnic display or performances using live fire, such as fire dancing, requires a permit from the USU Fire Marshal's office. No open-flame demonstrations or pyrotechnics are permitted inside of any structure.

Theatrical Fog/Haze Machines

Any machine that creates theatrical smog/haze for theatrical performances shall be inspected and approved by the Fire Marshal's office prior to any performance/use.


Any use of candles for religious ceremonies or vigils shall be by permit only. Candles are prohibited for any other purpose on USU property.