Submitting Plans to Fire Marshal

All projects shall have construction documents drawn up and reviewed by USU Campus Planning and/or the USU Fire Marshal's office before construction begins.

Checklist for Submitting Plans

Three (3) sets of all required plans shall be submitted to the Fire Marshal's office for review. Plans that are approved shall be stamped and signed by the Fire Marshal. One set shall be retained by the Fire Marshal's office, and a set of reviewed and stamped plans shall be kept at the job site for inspection references. The required plans shall consist of the following, along with the name, address, and telephone number of the architect, contractor, and person responsible for the project.

Sight Plans:

  • Topography information.
  • Access roadways for fire apparatus.
  • Property setbacks.
  • Building footprints with location on property and separation from existing buildings.
  • All existing and proposed hydrants within 600 feet of structure.
  • Engineer's water supply analysis.
  • Hydrant and fire main details with sizes, depths, and back-filling instructions.

Construction Plans:

  • Details on size, height, construction type, occupancy rating, calculated occupancy loads, and any anticipated fire protection features.
  • Construction plans with information on construction type, construction materials, fire-proofing, flame spread, and all fire and life safety considerations.

Fire Protection Plans:

  • Sprinkler shop drawings with cut sheets.
  • Fire alarm shop drawings with cut sheets.

Submission Requirements

In addition to submitting the plan, construction documents on the following elements must be submitted to the Fire Marshal for new construction and remodel construction:

  • Fire apparatus access roads.
  • Water supply.
  • Fire sprinkler systems.
  • Fire alarm systems.
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