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At USU’s Research Farm and Genetics Lab, geneticists are helping farmers in developing countries increase their food supply. USU President Noelle Cockett has built a distinguished career in sheep genomics research, maintaining an active research program while serving in various leadership positions. Her research program has centered on the identification of genetic markers associated with economically important traits in sheep, as well as the development of resources that advance research on the sheep genome.

Animal cloning goes beyond creating superior cows, sheep and mules, it also may answer important questions about human health
Ken White
USU veterinary researcher

Utah State University veterinary researcher Ken White is using cloned cattle to understand why the immune response causes cloned pregnancies to fail and hopes to use these studies to understand similar human pregnancy complications and how they can be remedied in the future.

Laura Moley, a Utah State University doctoral candidate from Kansas City, MO, is working to improve the success rate in cloning pigs. She said successfully cloning animals is rare, but increasing cloning success rates could save researchers time and money and it would become a more viable option for people in the livestock industry.

At USU, students and faculty have been exploring and teaching the science of life since the university’s founding. Students receive valuable hands-on experiences in the field, on the farm, and in the laboratory.

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430 number of experiments USU and SDL have sent into space
USU science graduates’ acceptance rates to medical, dental and other professional and graduate programs consistently exceed national averages.
- U.S. News and World Report, “America's Best Graduate Schools,” 2018 edition
Since 1998, USU has 37 Goldwater Scholars.