SECTION IX-1. Parking Regulations

Parking regulations are initiated and enforced by the Parking Policy Committee. The Parking and Transportation Services Office should be contacted for specific information about such regulations.

SECTION IX-2. Student Employment

  1. Recognizing the financial assistance need of students, the University encourages the employment of students and their spouses in all University work which can be effectively accomplished by them.
  2. The Student Employment Office, located in the Financial Aid Office, is a center for information about student applications for work and provides assistance to all departments seeking to employ students. All offices and individuals of the University are encouraged to employ students and to register student jobs with the Student Employment Office so that qualified applicants may be given an opportunity for consideration. Students looking for part-time work are encouraged to check with the office on a regular basis for information about available openings. The final decision on hiring of a student applicant is the responsibility of the department or unit.
  3. Policies regarding student employment, including any regulations which maximize student employment opportunities, are formulated and monitored by the Student Employment Office. That office should be contacted for specific information about such policies.

SECTION IX-3. Curricular Uses of University Facilities

  1. Uses of University facilities (with the exception of the Taggart Student Center) shall be scheduled with the Scheduling Coordinator in the Enrollment Services Office, or coordinated with a specific office as referred by the Scheduling Coordinator, prior to the beginning of the semester of the intended use.
  2. Non-University persons or organizations, including civic and church groups, may schedule campus facilities provided their activities do not interfere with University programs. Rental fees shall be charged for use of facilities by non-University persons or groups.
  3. An official calendar for uses of the Taggart Student Center shall be maintained by the Scheduling Secretary and shall be available at a central location in the Taggart Student Center. During April of each year, USUSA officers meet with the Taggart Student Center Scheduling Secretary to discuss dates for the coming year. The allocation of dates and facilities is made pursuant to the Taggart Student Center policy. All other University organizations may thereafter request preferred dates for the coming year.
  4. All events to be held in the Nelson Recreation Center shall be coordinated by the Director of Campus Recreation. All events to be held in the Spectrum shall be coordinated through Physical Plant. All events to be held in the Fine Arts Center shall be coordinated with the Director of the Fine Arts Center.