Using Touch Panels in the Classroom

Most classrooms are equipped with a classroom touch panel, located on the instructor's desk. The classroom touch panel provides a user-friendly interface to control the classroom technology in a room (e.g. projectors, TVs, video conferencing equipment, etc.).
If you want to connect to Zoom with the classroom touch panel, check out the Teach from a Classroom to Individuals page for instructions.

If you need immediate assistance, visit the Classroom Support page.

How to Use

Standard Classroom Touch Panel

This style of touch panel is found in most general assignment classrooms around campus.

Dual Purpose Classroom Touch Panel

This style of touch panel is found in the Geology building on the third floor and a few other classrooms around campus. The purpose of these touch panels is to provide face-to-face instructors with the standard touch panel that is most familiar with them while still allowing the classrooms to be used in connect settings.

The video below will show you how to return the touch panel to the face-to-face mode from the connect interface. If you would like to learn more about the Zoom Room capabilities of this touch panel, please see the section below referencing the Zoom Room touch panel.

Huntsman Hall Classroom Touch Panel

The style of touch panel is found in Huntsman Hall face-to-face rooms and a couple of other rooms around campus.

Zoom Room Touch Panel for In-Person Classes

If the Huntsman Hall classroom is used for connect classes, the touch panel will be a Zoom Room touch panel. However, you do not need to connect to a Zoom meeting to use the projectors and monitors in the classroom. Please watch the video below for a basic rundown of how to use the classroom touch panel without connecting to a Zoom meeting.

Zoom Rooms Touch Panel

The style of touch panel is found in some connect classrooms around campus.

While this touch panel is meant for connect classes, face-to-face instructors can still utilize these touch panels to share content, power on and off the room's TVs/projectors, and use sound reinforcement. 

Connect Classroom Touch Panel

The style of touch panel is common in connect classrooms and conference rooms.

Touch 10 Reference Sheet

Known Issue: A few rooms with this style touch panel experience a "gray screen issue" where a display in the room displays a grey screen instead of the desired content. Learn how to resolve this issue.


The touch panel is black. How do I turn it on?

The touch panels automatically go to sleep after a few minutes. To wake them up, simply tap anywhere on the screen.

The projector or TV does not power on when I press the power button.

Try the following:

  1. Check if the projector or TV is on. Do you see any light coming out of the projector lens? Can you tell if the power light on the TV is on?
    • If the projector or TV is on, try switching between sources on the Crestron touch panel (e.g. PC to Document Camera).
    • If switching between sources doesn't do the trick, contact us and we'll send a technician to help.
  2. If you don't see any light coming out of the projector lens or don't see the power light on the TV, you may need to manually turn on the projector or TV.
    • Most rooms have a drawer with a projector and/or TV remotes. The drawer is usually located under the instructor's desk in the equipment rack or in the equipment closet in the room. If you can find the remote, try turning on the projector or TV with it.
    • If you aren't able to find a remote or are unable to work the remotes, contact us and we'll send a technician over to help.

The Touch Panel Shows Only Zoom Options

Many classrooms have been equipped with dual purpose touch panels, which permit connecting to other classrooms via Zoom or teaching in-person. If the class before yours used the Zoom touch panel feature, you may have to return the touch panel to In-Person mode.

Touch Panel in Zoom Room Mode

A touch panel in Zoom room mode provides options to begin a new meeting, join a meeting, or share content, all via Zoom.

To switch back to in-person mode, tap the Home icon that appears at the right of the screen.

Tap the Home icon to return to in-person mode.

In-person mode will permit you to control the various in-classroom technologies, such as the projector, speakers, and microphone.

Touch Panel in In-Person (Home) Mode

The in-person touch panel mode shows options to control the projector, speakers, and microphone

You can return to Zoom mode at any time by tapping the Zoom icon at the top of the panel when in in-person mode.