Using Computers in the Classroom

Classroom computers are connected to the classroom system. They come installed with a handful of applications and additional software can be installed if requested in advance (see below for more info).

Book icon How to Show the Computer on the Projector/TV


Select PC on the classroom touch panel.


Turn on the PC if powered off.

Most classroom computers will be powered on but may be asleep. If the computer monitor is black, press any key on the keyboard to wake up the computer. If the monitor continues to remain black, check to ensure the computer is turned on by locating the computer and finding its power button.

Surface Studios
The power button on the Surface Studios can be found on the lower right side of the monitor below the volume controls. Press and hold the power button for approximately 3 seconds to turn on the Surface Studio.

HP Computers
HP computers are often located below the instructor desk in a cabinet. In Hunstman Hall, they are located in the equipment closet typically in the back corner of the room. The power button will be located along the front face of the computer. If the power button is lit up, the computer is on. If it's not lit up, press the power button to turn it on.


Once the computer is on, log into the computer using your A# and password.


If using a Surface Studio, make sure the audio is working before opening everything for your class. If it is not working, restart the computer.

Check the audio by playing a short video on YouTube or opening the volume controls and click anywhere on the slider. Surface Studios tend to have audio problems, but a quick restart should fix the issue.


Plug in a flash drive or other USB device if applicable.

Classrooms with a Surface Studio should have a USB hub off to the side of the monitor. Classrooms with an HP computer typically have monitors with USB ports along the left or right side of the monitor. USB ports can also be found on the front face of HP computers. 
Once plugged in, the computer should recognize the drive and allow you to open files from it.

sliders icons  Computer Specifications

Computer Models on Campus:

  • HP Z230
  • HP Z240
  • Surface Studio

Operating System:

  • Windows 10

Classroom Software:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Word)
  • Desktop Presenter

Additional Software may be installed if:

  • it is required for classroom instruction
  • it is properly licensed for use in a designated classroom
  • the software does not conflict with the currently installed software or hardware
  • the functionality of the software is not met with currently installed software.

Request Software on a Classroom Computer

Kumo is a service that allows one to open and save files directly to Box or Google Drive on a classroom computer without having to install the client. Learn more about Kumo

Question mark icon  FAQ

How do I log in to a classroom computer?

Log in with your A# and password. If you do not have an A#, contact us for assistance.

The computer monitor is black. How do I get the PC displayed?

See the Showing the Computer on the Projector/TV section above. If that doesn't help, contact us and we'll drop by to check it out.

What do I do if the audio is not working?

  • Check the volume level of the PC by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen, next to the time. Ensure the volume is turned up and not muted.
  • Check the volume level of the video player (YouTube, VLC, etc.) and ensure the volume is turned up and not muted.
  • If using a Surface Studio, there is a known issue that causes the sound to stop working after the computer has sat idle for approximately 60 minutes. This can only be fixed by restarting the computer. We are currently working with Microsoft on a fix to this.
  • If none of the above solutions resolve the problem, contact us and we'll drop by to help.

What do I do if a system update pops up on the screen?

Ignore system updates that may pop up on the screen. Most system updates occur automatically during the night. If an update notification continues to pop up after a week, please report it to us here.

Is my data secure on classroom computers?

To protect your data, ensure you log out of the classroom computer when finished.