Notification of Leave

A notification of leave is for students who have already completed a semester or more at USU, and need to take a break.

Note: This form is only for undergraduate students. There is a separate process for graduate students to follow if needing to take a break from the University. Please contact Graduate School at or by phone at 435-797-1189 to go through their steps.

Do you need to defer instead?

If you have been admitted to USU and you haven't taken courses at USU or have only taken USU concurrent enrollment (CE) courses, deferral is the process you should use.

Please visit the Admissions site to walk through the deferral process.


Fill out the Notification of Leave Form

Sign into your account and Submit a Notification of Leave.  It takes 5 business days to process the NOL.

Let us know if and when you plan to return to USU. You can return any time in the next three years unless you withdrew from USU; graduated; were suspended or expelled; had a disciplinary hold, suspension, or expulsion; or had a university-initiated leave.

If you need help completing the form, contact the IT Service Desk.

Check Your USU Email Regularly

All communications from USU will go to your USU email account, so you (or a delegate) need to check it regularly while you are away. Your USU email account will remain active for approximately three years after your last completed class.


Check Scholarships

If you have a remaining scholarship from the USU Office of Admissions, it will automatically activate on your return semester. If you received any other scholarships, contact the USU statewide campus, department, or other awarding entity to ask if they can be held. Please visit for more information, or if you have questions about your scholarship requirements and how to remain eligible. Scholarships are typically not able to be held if you attend another educational institution while you are away.


Check Financial Aid

Taking a leave might impact your federal financial aid (aid received by completing the FAFSA) and student loans. Visit with Student Financial Support prior to leaving.

Be prepared to complete your FAFSA for the semester of your return to USU. You can apply as early as October 1 before the academic year you plan to attend. The FAFSA must be resubmitted each year that you want aid. Please visit


Meet with your Academic Advisor

Meet with your academic advisor before leaving to let them know about your leave, and make a Degree Works plan so you can easily register upon your return. Set up an appointment at the USU advising page.

Double check your academic standing, to ensure that you have no holds, restrictions, or fees that would prohibit you from registering.


Designate a Delegate and Create a Security Phrase

If needed, set up a delegate who has access to your preferred and recovery emails. We recommend you manage your own student account when possible, but understand there are cases where it is necessary for a parent, spouse, or other third-party to access information or complete transactions on your behalf. You can add delegates at Sign-in and then click "Delegates" on the left menu.

You can also create a security phrase, which allows you to verify your own identity if you need to conduct business with USU over the phone.

It could also be benefical to add your delegates' phone numbers to your Microsoft MFA Sign-On Security account. You can add additional phone numbers by visiting Microsoft’s Security Verification.


Drop Courses if Needed

You will need to drop or withdraw from any courses you will no longer attend, as this is not done automatically. Refer to the semester registration calendar in the Catalog to see relevant drop, withdraw, and refund deadlines. If you have already paid your tuition, and you are within the refund deadline, you will receive a refund. Contact the USU Registrar's office with any questions.

You can drop a course before 20 percent of the course is completed without any notation on your transcript, and with a full tuition refund. Check the registration calendar in the catalog for exact dates. It's important to note that some classes are shorter than the full semester, often 7-weeks, so they have earlier drop and refund deadlines according to how long they are.

If you withdraw from a course when 20-60 percent of it has been completed, the class will remain on your transcript, and you will receive a 'W' notation instead of a grade, indicating the registration status of 'withdrawn.' You will not qualify for a tuition refund.

You cannot drop or withdraw from a class after 60 percent of it has passed. Your classes for the current semester will remain on your transcript, along with the grades you ultimately earn in those classes. If you have an extenuating circumstance, you can file a petition (called an Academic Record Adjustment) and ask a committee review your situation.


Set Reminders

Set reminders in your calendar so you remember important dates and information in the future.

  • The FAFSA opens Oct 1 each year prior to the following academic year (summer, fall, spring).
  • Registration for classes begins in April for summer and fall semesters, and November for spring semester.
  • Remember to write down your student ID (A-number), strong password, challenge question answers, security phrase, and the semester you said you plan to return.

Please visit the website or meet with a Success Coach to learn about the tools that are available to help you reach your goal of earning a degree from Utah State University.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a Graduate student?

Graduate students file a notification of leave via a different process, and follow different policies than undergraduate students. For more information visit the Graduate School website.

What if I am an International Student?

International students must contact the office of Global Engagement located in Military Science 115, by phone at 435-797-1124 or by email at or

What if I am in the U.S. Armed Forces?

USU is committed to providing the highest quality of service to service members who were unable to attend school due to military service. USU adheres to the provisions for U.S. Armed Forces members provided in Chapter 3 of Volume 2 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook. Please feel free to reach out to our Veterans Resource Office for any additional questions.

How long can I be on leave?

The maximum amount of leave allowed is three years. After that, students must reapply for admission.

Can I extend my leave after submitting?

Yes. Submit a new Notification of Leave indicating your new return semester. You can't extend your leave if it means you will be gone for more than three years.

Can I shorten my leave?

Email and let them know when you plan to return. Please include your A-number. You can register for classes as normal for whichever semester you return (assuming it is within three years and you don't have any holds or restrictions on your account). 

Can I attend another college or university while I am on leave?

Yes. Students who have attended USU a semester or more who have notified USU about their up to three-year leave may attend another college or university. All USU students who decide to attend another college or university should check their scholarship agreement(s) to see if an award can be held. For specific questions, contact If you have been awarded federal aid (loans, Pell grants, work-study) and have questions, contact Scholarships are typically not able to be held if you attend another educational institution while you are away.

What if I am transferring? Do I still need to complete the Notification of Leave form? 

Yes. By completing the form you will be notifying USU that you have transferred and then we can adjust our communication with you accordingly.

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Notification of Leave Checklist for Returning Students

If you are returning from a Notification of Leave, use the following checklist to help you stay on track.


Information for Missionaries

If you are leaving USU for missionary service, use the following page as a guide.