Deferment Process: Confirm Intent to Enroll in a Future Semester

A deferral is for admitted students who have not started classes at USU. Submitting a deferral accepts scholarships* offered by the USU Admissions Office and confirms your intent to enroll in a future semester. Deferrals are only available to students who are not attending another institution before beginning at USU. Note: A separate deferral website is available for international undergraduate students.

*A deferral must be submitted by the scholarship acceptance deadline for a given semester in order for it to accept scholarships.

Do you need to submit a notification of leave instead?
If you are a current USU student and need to take a leave of absence from the university, you will need to submit a notification of leave instead of deferment. If you have only completed concurrent enrollment classes, you should use the deferral process to delay your admission.


Submit a Deferral Request Form

  • Sign in to the account you used to apply to USU at
  • If you can't remember your password click the "Forgot Password" link. If you forgot what email you used when you applied, our service desk can help you out!
  • After logging in, click "continue" under the actions column next to the application you wish to defer. When the next page loads, if it is not already selected, click "application," then click "request deferral."
  • See the video on this page for a step-by-step view.

Check the Email Connected to your Application Account

Deferment requests take 7-10 business days to process, depending on the time of year. You may need to provide documentation for the reason you are leaving. The Admissions Office will ask for this via the email you used to apply, so make sure to check it often for updates. You can check the status of your deferral on the "My Account" page of your application account.


Check Scholarships

If you have officially been offered one or more scholarship awards from the USU Admissions Office and you defer your admission (confirming your intent to enroll in a future semester), your offered scholarships will automatically activate upon your return provided you deferred by the scholarship acceptance deadline for your semester. You accept your Admissions scholarships, and its terms, by submitting your deferral. This process excludes federal aid and the Utah State Promise, which must be accepted separately at If you received any other scholarships, contact the USU Statewide Campus, department, or other awarding entity to defer them until your return. Please email for more information.


Create your USU Strong Password

If you have not already, create your USU strong password and "challenge questions" so you can retrieve an expired password if needed when you return. Your USU password will allow you to log in to systems such as MyUSU, where you can access many of the USU apps and services, and MyID, where you can manage your personal information.


Confirm your Enrollment (optional before you leave)

You have the option to pay the nonrefundable Enrollment Deposit now, which will streamline your enrollment in the future. Otherwise, you can pay it prior to your first semester. Students attending the Eastern and Blanding campuses do not pay the deposit and will confirm their enrollment via the Enrollment Confirmation form prior to the semester they return.


Create a Delegate and Security Phrase

If needed, set up a delegate who has access to your preferred and recovery emails. We recommend you manage your own student account when possible, but understand there are cases where it is necessary for a parent, spouse, or other third-party to access information or complete transactions on your behalf. You can add delegates at Sign-in and then click "Delegates" on the left menu.

You can also create a security phrase, which allows you to verify your own identity if you need to conduct business with USU over the phone.

It could also be benefical to add your delegates' phone numbers to your Microsoft MFA Sign-On Security account. You can add additional phone numbers by visiting Microsoft’s Security Verification.


Drop Courses

You will need to drop your courses if you registered before completing your deferment. If you have already paid your tuition, you will receive a refund according to the deadlines in the catalog


Know which Email to Check

If you registered and dropped classes prior to submitting your deferment, or if you took concurrent enrollment courses through USU in the past 3 years, you were assigned a USU email account in the format of (ex. All official communication from the university will go to this account, so you need to check it or make sure your delegate can check it, especially in the months prior to your first semester. More information is available at If you do not have a USU email account yet, you should regularly check the email set as "preferred" in your MyID account.


Be Prepared to Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Federal aid offered through the FAFSA cannot be deferred to a future aid year. You must resubmit the FAFSA each year that you want aid. You can apply as early as October 1 before the academic year you plan to attend. Please visit for more information and to apply.


Set Reminders

Set reminders in your calendar so you remember important dates and information for your return. Visit for details on each step.

  • The FAFSA opens Oct 1 each year prior to the following academic year (summer, fall, spring).
  • Students can begin confirming their enrollment Oct 1 for the following spring, summer, and fall semester.
  • Students can sign an on-campus housing contract and begin orientation after confirming their enrollment. On-campus housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis and spaces are not guaranteed.
  • The priority deadline to confirm enrollment and begin orientation is April 1 for fall or summer semesters and November 1 for spring semester.
  • Registration for classes begins in April for summer and fall semesters, and November for spring semester.
  • Remember to write down your student ID (A-number), strong password, challenge question answers, security phrase, and the semester you said you plan to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to complete orientation now because you will complete it (or redo it) before your first semester. A delegate can complete orientation modules 1 and 2 for you in the future if needed.

Deferrals are due no later than the last week of classes of the semester for which you were initially admitted. If you are accepting scholarships offered by the USU Admissions Office, you must submit your deferral prior to the scholarship acceptance deadline for the term for which you were offered a scholarship.

Submit a new deferral request by following the deferral instructions. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In the free text reasoning box within the deferral request process, please state why you are wanting to extend your deferment.

Deferments are generally granted for a total of 1 1/2 years. However, deferments can be granted for a total of 3 years for those participating in official assignments such as military, church, or humanitarian service. All deferment requests must be approved by an admissions officer who can be reached at

Email stating that you want to shorten your deferment. Please include your A-number and which semester you would like to come back.

No. Students who attend another university or college while on deferment will need to reapply upon return.

Graduate students file a notification of leave via a different process, and follow different policies than undergraduate students. For more information go to

USU is committed to providing the highest quality of service to service members who were unable to attend school due to military service. USU adheres to the provisions for U.S. Armed Forces members provided in Chapter 3 of Volume 2 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook. Please feel free to reach out to our Veterans Resource Office for any additional questions.

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